Sunday, June 27, 2010

summer family reunion

Summer is in full swing...almost half over already! Here are some memories from a family reunion we had. Love this family...feel so blessed to be part of it! So many kiddos, so many cousins to catch up much fun! Our Aunt Julia & Uncle Ken have hosted this summer reunion for the second time now. They have the perfect setup at their place and go all out for the kids. cousin Lincoln braving the slip n' slideThree cute girlys cooling off in the pool. {kaiya, leah & bailey}
Giles & Great-GrandmaChit-chattin it up with the girls. Time to line up for the candy hunt. Ready...Get Set...Gooooooooooo!!!
This is serious...there is not only candy, but money involved too.
Now the fun begins...STRAW FIGHT!!
I love Kaiya's face. Grandpa Jerry seems to be really entertained from the sidelines...I think secretly he would like to be part of the fun.Yep, I knew it!Please don't tell me that is my daughter getting ready to throw straw on our gracious hostess.
Oh my oh my...I was not the one behind the camera.Hans and Luca
Already looking forward to the next one!


heather said...

Awww..that looks like so much fun Sherri. I love keeping my kids connected to their extended family. It just doesn't happen enough, does it. We stay too busy.

Now the best picture in the whole post??? Seeing your cute little baby bump!! Thanks for the side view. You look stunning!

Nicole said...

Girl you are glowing!! Love that sweet little baby bump!! so precious! I have never asked you but are you guys going to find out the gender of that sweet babe??

Grandma Ruby said...

You managed to capture some great memories of this fun time! I love the look on Jerry's face in the midst of the straw fight.

Jenn said...

I agree with Heather about the picture.
I just couldn't stop looking at it and smiling.
Simply beautiful!

Jodi said...

Isaac and Leah are playing at my house today and enjoyed seeing a few pics of themselves in the mix! That day made for some fun memories! Believe it or not, my kids are still workin' on that candy. :)