Sunday, January 3, 2010

it's time to celebrate

Christmas break was jam packed full of celebrating this year. We celebrated Luca meeting her aunt Joyce for the first time.We celebrated the December and January birthdays on Kevin's side of the family. We declared it a pajama day on the Monday after Christmas.
We celebrated this big boy turning six. He chose to go to Cracker Barrel for breakfast on his birthday.We celebrated the Weber's being in town by doing fun family activities together like sledding.

Kevin and Helen
I think Grandpa B. had the most fun out of everyone.Aunt Sarah & KaiyaUncle Curt & OwenAnd we celebrated the blessing of family...babies being held, grandchildren finding new little hideouts in the basement, eggnog being sipped, conversations over meals, cousins playing together and making crafts, gifts being exchanged...this is the part of Christmas that I love. Three crazy sister-in-laws...I think our personalities shine through a bit in this picture. :) Sarah shared a natural teeth whitening secret and we all had to try it.
Caedmon reciting the Christmas story verses. Kevin and I got to play Mary and Joseph again at our family Christmas. Luca was baby Jesus in the manger...Grandma had the grandchildren bring paper hearts they had made with their names and place them in the manger.Me & my sweet nephew OwenThe grandchildren gift exchange

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heather said...

What great times. Now say....I'm looking for that cake that you had to do 2 times??? I can't wait to see your creative juice flow out into your party you had. :)