Friday, January 8, 2010

it's 2010!

Since our New Years Eve was spent having Christmas with Kevin's family, we decided to come home and go to bed at a decent time....which was fine with me...I like my sleep these days. :) And the very next day, we had company. So fun to have the Weber's at our house and especially on Joyce's birthday!Great-grandma giving Luca her sock monkey at our extended family Christmas the following Sunday. Great-grandma has made one of these for each of her great-grandchildren. It's been fun to see how creative she has gotten with them.

Time for solids!
Since Luca still has some spitting up issues, her Dr. recommended we go ahead and start her on solids to see if that would help. Well, we took it slow for the first few days because she wasn't liking it too much. Cereal was flyin' through the air...I don't even wanna think about how it will be when we start the carrots. :)
Let me tell you, it was a pretty big event when I fed her off a spoon for the first time. The kids were so fun to see them at the ages they are with their baby sister. Caedmon suggested I take this picture. :)Baby has become more mobile. We have the perfect floors for this Jeep that has been passed down to all my kids.
I've been putting Luca down for naps in her pack n play...partly because nap time for her is the same time as room time for Kaiya and partly because we'll be going to Chicago and I want her to get comfortable with it in a strange environment before we leave. One morning after I heard her wake up, I thought she was being a little too quiet for just waking up. Kaiya decided to keep her sister company. It was sweet to see them already laughing and playing together as sisters.


heather said... is so fun to give that first food. I remember doing that with Suzy and the other kids being so so excited!!! Have you ever used the bottle with the larger nipple for cereal? I never did...but have friends that love it. Maybe since she's so young, it would be easier for her.

Looking forward to having Kaiya here next month! :)

sherri said...

Yes, actually we've had to use the larger cereal nipples since she was tiny tiny. Because of her reflux issue, I've had to add cereal to every bottle of formula to thicken it. I guess she just didn't like the thicker texture off a spoon. :) She's doing better with it now.

Kaiya is excited! :)

Guatmama said...

The lego theme was great, good for you for sweeping away the crumbs and going at the cake again! You would have laughed at the amount of icing I used to secure things for Sam's fish cake. Lovin' Luca's eyes, they are PRECIOUS!