Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas 09'

Christmas was everything and more than I imagined it to be this year. I think now that Luca is four months and in a good routine, I felt like I could accomplish all that needed to be accomplished and enjoy the little moments without the stress. My husband gave me an early gift this year...three house cleanings...which gave me the gift of time...and was what I needed the most in this season of my life.
I enjoyed a morning spent at Caedmon's kindergarten Christmas party at school on the last day before Christmas break.Christmas Eve with my family Grandpa & Grandma with their grand kiddosBaby turned four months right before Christmas. She attacks my face with wide-mouth sloppy kisses that I love. She weighs fifteen pounds and twelve ounces and is twenty-four and a half inches long...the car seat is getting heavier! She started eating solids off a spoon and loves her carrots. Her needs and routines are more predictable and flexible. Having her a part of our family this Christmas was the best gift I could ask for. cousins Emmi & Luca
Christmas Morning
Our traditional Christmas morning was very slow and laid back. We took our time in the morning getting ready and making breakfast...after clean up we took pictures beside the tree. Our little brother (Big Brothers Big Sisters), Immanuel, joined our family this year for Christmas. It was fun to have him...although I think he was a little surprised and thought we were crazy for not tearing right into the gifts as soon as we woke up. :)
After Caedmon recited the Christmas story, it was time for the gift-giving.
We typically do three gifts for each child (a small, medium and large gift) the three gifts from the Wise Men. We take turns opening one gift at a time so everyone can see what the others received. I love the blessing of giving gifts. Seeing the excitement and appreciation from the receivers is a joy. It's pretty cool how Jesus lets us give and receive gifts on His birthday! It was a complete joy to celebrate Luca's very first Christmas.
Immanuel enjoying taking his turn behind the camera.
Later that afternoon, Grandpa & Grandma stopped you your new books and ...played with your new toys with you. We also watched the movie UP......and sang happy birthday to Jesus.
A perfect day...making memories with the ones I love on Christmas Day.


wanita said...

your luca is soo cute!!! my oldest daughter noticed kaiya's toes and thought they were so cute too. lol now she's embarrased, but that was funny!

heather said...

Awwww....what good memories Sherri. Luca made this Christmas extra special...didn't she? She was so long and awaited, but worth the wait. Good memories!

Nicole said...

What sweet pictures girl!! What a beautiful family! Glad you had a great christmas!! And way to go Caedmon on all those scriptures!! Dawson had to learn the exact same ones for school. It reminded me that we have no excuse not to memorize Gods word :)