Thursday, June 18, 2009

strawberries and a missing tooth

Our week started out early early early on a Monday morning. We were in the strawberry patch by 7:15 am...which meant getting the kids up and dressed to leave the house by 6:30 am. It was such a peaceful beautiful morning though and we had a lot of fun. I thought the kids would probably get bored, but they loved it. They each had their own containers to pick in and I had to remind them to only pick the really dark red strawberries, but they kept coming to proudly show me what they had found. My mom was also along for the fun.Caedmon's first opportunity at photography...not too bad. =)
These berries were so nice and easy to pick, the hour went by fast.We picked twenty-six pounds between mom and I...approximately sixteen quarts.
Taking a break from the strawberries for pool fun in the afternoon...big brother was still napping.

Time to make some JAM!I had two eager helpers. Kaiya especially liked the chopping. Caedmon especially liked the eating. =)Oh, so good!
and for dessert...During supper that night, Caedmon bit into his fork which caused his already loose tooth to become even more loose.Daddy has been checking it and wiggling it over the past several months.
It came right out on the second yank. =) Caedmon was so excited about losing his first tooth, he immediately had to call both grandmas and his cousin Easton. =)

Whew!! What a busy day we had!


Julie said...

yummy yummy yummy --- looks like you found some good ones!! I still have never gone strawberry picking - sad I know :( but sounds like fun.

I can't believe Caedmon is old enough to be having a tooth fall out!! ;)

Guatmama said...

Have I told you how much I love your blog?

Now, can I get some of that jam???
Hee, hee.

heather said...

What great pictures from the strawberry patch. What a energetic mama to get up so early and take the kids picking! I did that a couple of years ago this ol' mama takes the easy way out.

Amazing! That Caedmon already lost a tooth! Both Isabella and Jack were in 1st grade before they lost their first one..and like Caedmon...William lost his first one before he even started kindergarten! That's cool he was so excited!

Grandma Ruby said...

Sherri, you are a true photojournalist. I always feel as if I've been on a little trip. This was a colorful day for you, from the patch to the pool, the jammin' and the tooth-pulling. That strawberry pie--yum! Love you all so much.