Wednesday, June 17, 2009

i love birthday parties

I love taking the time to celebrate life...and birthdays are a great time to do that. It's the one day out of the year to celebrate that person that God has created so fearfully and wonderfully. And I say, go all out!! Life is such a gift worth celebrating. We had two celebrations over the weekend...what a joy!My niece, Rylie, turned nine on Saturday. My mom had a party at her house on Friday night...with homemade pizza...yummmm! It was a beautiful evening and how fun to sit outside and enjoy it. Little Emmi is almost one already...can you believe it? She is packed with sweetness...can't get enough of her! Mom and I try to share. =) The kids(and certain adults) provided their own entertainment...running, wrestling, climbing and laughing. Kaiya looks like she's about to give Jake a big spank on the Hind. Something very common at our family get togethers...usually of the competitive nature takes place. A beanbag war broke out between this big kid...and this big kid.It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt.Too bad it had to be the birthday girl though...she still looks cute in her new birthday pj's from grandma. =) She was soon all smiles again. =)

The second party of the weekend was for a cute little boy who turned two last Wednesday. Lincoln is our nephew...son of Curt (Kevin's brother) and Sarah.It's his party and he'll cry if he wants to.This little guy has a fascination with vacuum cleaners...yep, that's a vacuum cleaner on his cake. I love it! What a creative mama who really knows what her son would love. He got his very own vacuum for his present...a real one. =)

Thanks, Sarah, for sending us this picture. =)

The party was at Bonneyville Mill of my favorite parks. Great place to take a family picture.

This verse was printed on our bulletin on Sunday:

When the way is rough, your patience has a chance to grow. Don't try to squirm out of your problems. When your patience is in full bloom, you will be ready for anything. James 1:3-4

It was just what I needed for that week. I do feel like I'm squirming with impatience sometimes through this adoption process...especially this week as my daughter asked with exasperation "why is it taking sooo long for a baby, mom?" I have asked Him the same thing's hard not to be impatient and wonder if it's ever going to happen at times. I was thankful for the encouragement that came from James.


Nicole said...

Girl I am loving your haircut!! Adorable! I love family birthdays as well! It is so fun to see all the kiddos play and have a great time together! We will continue to pray for your with family with the adoption! It is never easy being patient!!

Jessi said...

What a fun post!! Sending a hug and a prayer your way.

Julie said...

Birthdays and families are so fun :-)

Still praying for your new addition and that will it come soon!!

Anonymous said...

girl I'm with you on the feeling impatient at times...that's been getting me too lately. Thanks for sharing the it.

heather said...

I feel for you Sherri! I want that new baby for your family too! Can't wait to see what God has for you this coming summer!!!

Looks like a fun summer you are having.

krista said...

Thanks for all those pics! Sorry I forgot to say how much I like your hair on the phone. I love the one that Sarah took. You look so pretty. And Kaiya looks like a little woman in that pic...she is sure growing up. Karis said her name first. =)