Tuesday, June 9, 2009

dinner surprises and tincaps game

We pulled off a nice little surprise for Kevin's mom and dad on Saturday. We told them we were picking them up and taking them out for supper...just didn't tell them where. Kevin's brother and his wife Sarah would be coming as well and we would all get babysitters for the kids. Wow, that is a rare thing for the six of us to be together without any little munchkins running around. I was super excited!

So instead of going to a restaurant, we went to Grandma B's. She prepared an amazing dinner for us with all the extras. How fun to have a whole relaxing evening of uninterrupted conversation with her and the adults of the family. On Sunday we went to a Tincaps game at the brand new baseball field in Fort Wayne. WOW, what a beautiful place it is!
Our little brother, Immanuel spent the day with us as well. Notice Kaiya's expression...she was actually trying to make a silly face, but it looks more like she's annoyed. She cracks me up! I'm not a huge baseball fun and can get bored pretty easily...this game was quite exciting though with 4 or 5 home runs and the Tincaps winning the game in the end.After the game was a free Christian hip hop concert.

As we were wandering around, we found this guy.
And also got a few autographs from the players.

An exhausting fun day!


Cottonista said...

What a fun surprise for mom and dad! Wish we could have been there too.

Kaiya! That little girl. What a cutie, even when she is looking severely annoyed!

Nicole said...

Isn't that stadium awesome!! Glad you had a good time!! Hair is still lookin cute!! did you get a new flat iron :)