Saturday, February 28, 2009

from the beach to the couch

Kevin started with an upper respiratory infection the day we flew home from Mexico and battled it all week. He's feeling more like himself now.

I started feeling it on Tuesday evening and woke up with a fever, body aches & coughing the next morning.

I don't get sick very often...none of us do. I was thinking it would pass quickly like my minor colds typically do.

Not the case this time....on the couch for three days. I lost my voice. I don't remember the last time I was this's been years.

It's so hard to lay there and feel so helpless when all I wanted to do was get up and take care of my family...although they took care of themselves quite well. It was easy for me to quickly feel bummed and feel sorry for myself, but I had to stop and think of other friends we know that are dealing with chronic sickness and need constant care. I have so much to be thankful for.

The kids were so sweet and patient all week. They ran errands all over the house for me at my beck and call and kept themselves occupied contentedly while I rested. So contentedly that Kaiya decided to give herself a haircut. Doesn't every child try that at some point? When I saw her hair on the floor, I almost panicked...thankfully it wasn't much and very unnoticeable.
I looked quite a site I'm sure...I took a bath every morning, but hadn't washed my hair all week. Seeing me so helpless caused the kids to have a bit of concern. Kaiya kept asking how many days I was going to lay on the couch and Caedmon told me "you look old, mom".

Kevin came home early from work a couple days and took me to the Doctor on Friday. Bronchitis...I'm on antibiotic, an inhaler & cough medicine that is supposed to make me drowsy. The Dr. said it should help me get a good nights sleep, but for some reason it had the reverse affect on my body...I laid awake for a couple hours and felt more restless than the previous nights.

Now today, Caedmon woke up with a fever and Kevin spent a good part of the day at Redimed.

My mom brought over a big pot of homemade chicken noodle soup today and took Kaiya home with her overnight. My sister also called and is bringing lunch for us tomorrow. Other friends offered to help with the kids several times. What a huge blessing...may I be quick to help others in their time of need. Great reminder for me.


cheryl said...

Blah! Sorry you're feeling so rotten. That's just no fun at all. I'm glad you've been taken care of over the last few days. Keep taking care of yourself, and spend as much time on that couch as you need to rest up and feel better, even if you do look "old" in the meantime.

Cottonista said...

I'm sorry! I hope you emerge from the couch ready to embrace life fully.

I first read "re-dimed," and thought it an odd title for a financial seminar. ( :

heather said...

SO sorry Sherri. I hope you are feeling some better today.

I've had those same thoughts about Suzy getting ahold of the sissors and giving herself a trim...Just last week I put the sissors way high up on a shelf out of reach. Hopefully I'm ahead of her thoughts. :) I couldn't believe how VERY long Kaiya's hair is. It's so curly that I never new until I got to wash & comb it last week. :)

Anonymous said...

Hope you all are feeling better! What a drag. Ethan's got the sickness too. I am so ready for summer!!! SOOO don't look "old"!!hahaha that made me laugh when I read that =)

krista said...

Hey, Sherri. Hope you are doing better. What a blessing that the kids can occupy themselves. And how cute what they said. I wish mine were so self-sufficient. I had to give Lyndon an SOS call today and ask him to come immediately because I was dizzy and was going to pass out or throw up and Jeremy was crying. Well, by the time he got home, I had thrown up and have done so 3 more times. I am feeling better now, but man, not a good day! We have such a busy week, can we please stay healthy! Karis has a parasite and complains of a tummy ache about 4 times a day, and Jeremy is having a teething bout again or something because he is a mess. Can your mom bring me a pot of soup? All I got made for supper tonight was the broth and noodles...=)

Nicole said...

Girl I hope everyone is doing better! It is hard when mama is sick :) We had that stuff go around our house as well! No fun! Can't wait to see you on Friday!