Thursday, February 12, 2009

focusing on the positive

It's been almost a year since we started this adoption process. My friend Angie is also in the waiting process of their adoption and recently posted a list of things she's learned and is grateful for along their adoption journey. She reminded me that it is sometimes hard to focus on the positive when the waiting seems unending. It is refreshing to take notice of what God has taught me along the way and to take the time to notice the little blessings.

Here's my list of things I've learned or am grateful for in no particular order:

1. I've learned that we can accomplish a lot in such a little time...even during the busiest holiday of the year.

2. My friends and family care so much!

3. I'm thankful for the extra time I've had to focus on Caedmon and Kaiya...playing games, reading and teaching them to help out around the house and be more independent.

4. I've really enjoyed the independent ages that my kids are at...they dress themselves, go to the bathroom by themselves, put on their own shoes etc.

5. We've been able to save more money to put toward the adoption.

6. Learned to give it all to God.

7. Kevin and I were able to get away by ourselves several times in the past year.

8. Had the opportunity to teach our children more about prayer and faith.

9. Enjoyed all the questions and comments from the kids about their new brother or sister. (from the beginning, Caedmon said we were getting two he says we're getting eight)
10. Learned that I can fall in love with someone instantly before ever seeing them or feeling them move inside me.

11. Learned that God can heal the brokenhearted.

12. Learned about different medical conditions.

I could go on and on.

Kevin and I were able to get away on Saturday evening for his company awards dinner. The kids stayed with Grandma and we enjoyed a lovely sit down dinner and the adult conversation.

On Tuesday evening, Caedmon had his first school program. A winter concert put on by the PreK and first grade classes.
I was a little nervous that he wouldn't stand still and do what he was supposed to. We had lots of encouraging conversations leading up to the program and I was pleasantly surprised and very proud of how well he did. Another exciting treat was having both sets of grandparents there to watch. And the cherry on top was that Kevin's sister from Alabama came as well along with her sweet little family. We all met at the Dairy Queen afterward and how fun to soak up the time with all of them including my niece and two nephews. Someone is extremely excited in these pictures...too much sugar, high on attention and awake way past his bedtime. :) Thankfully we had a two-hr. delay the next morning for fog since we didn't get home until after ten on a school night.

baby Jack

sweet cousins - Helen & Kaiya


Julie said...

Sherri - thanks for your "list"'s a great reminder for me to stop and remember to be thankful for the things God has already blessed me with.
Glad you and Kevin have had opportunities to get away and spend time with each other - that's very important, but sometimes we tend to forget.

Cottonista said...

Good post, Sherri!

It was great to catch Caedmon's program and snag some DQ too. Poor Caed looks like all he wanted to do was bolt from Aunt Joyce. I was whispering sweet nothings about his handsome curly hair. He tolerated it well. ( :

Angie, Tyson, & Ethan said...

Sherri -what a great list! It made me smile, laugh, and even shed a few tears. I had Tyson read it too. I've so appreciated your friendship & getting to know you better through this whole thing. You're an encouragement & a blessing to me. Have a wonderful weekend. And as always, we're praying for you guys.=)

Nicole said...

Girl you sure have a beautiful heart! I really enjoyed reading your list and seeing the fun pictures of the kiddos! I miss seeing you and hope you have fun on your trip coming up :)

heather said...

Sherri I admire you for your strength during this waiting.

You and Kevin look awesome in your matching pinks! CUTE!!!

Glad that Aunt Joyce got to see Caedmon's program as well. Looks like fun. I can remember the first school program as well, and being nervous for how she would preform. :) But I thought she'd cry from fear and people watching her. :)

Jenn said...

What an encouraging post! Thanks for sharing your heart. Your honesty touches my many lives. Your words are a blessing!

Lyndon Bontrager said...

You made me cry, Sherri. In all the midst of planning and waiting and making sure we could see that little one, I forgot all about that you had already fallen in love that little girl. I don't think I will ever understand what those weeks were like for you. I am glad another page is turning.