Monday, February 16, 2009

Christmas on Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day is my very favorite holiday of the year. I love Christmas, but I think because Valentine's Day is a little less stressful it takes the number one spot for me. I also love the focus on LOVE that it gives. Love is who God is and what He is all about.

Your love, O LORD, reaches to the heavens, your faithfulness to the skies. Psalm 36:5
Love is a shelter, in a raging storm
Love is a peace, in the middle of a war
Love is worth fighting for...I will fight for you!

I LOVE having an extra excuse to show the ones that mean the most to me how much I love them.
I have made cards for my family over the past several years. I was at hallmark in January and they had so many really neat I bought three for my three favorite people.

It was fun picking out one for each one. Kaiya has been carrying hers around ever since she got it.

Caedmon's card was a Thomas one of course. The dog in the house was a gift from grandma. I told him today that he could eat some after lunch and he was pretty excited. I helped him get the dog out and he looked at me and said "Don't make any sounds, mom...OK?" He was serious. "Do you promise, mom?"
Kevin has teased him (and me too) in the past when food is made to look like an animal. When Caedmon takes a bite, Kevin makes a hurt/crying sound like it's coming from the animal. It has probably scarred him for life because he hesitates and feels sorry for the poor animal that is about to be eaten alive. :)

Here he is still contemplating whether he should eat the dog or just play with it.

Guess he didn't feel too sorry for the dog because he just bit off it's bottom.

On Saturday we had our Christmas with Kevin's family...yes I said Christmas. Kevin's sister Joyce from Alabama was originally planning to come over Christmas and then we found out that we were going to be in Florida over that we decided to put it off until we got back in January so they could see the new baby. I so appreciated their flexibility so much and we had a wonderful time with them while they were here on Saturday.

Kaiya and Helen are modeling their cute little aprons made by grandma.

Board games and monster trucks for the boys from grandpa & grandma.
I need to get off this computer and get back to packing for our trip. Kevin and I are leaving tomorrow for Mexico! So excited to have some alone time with Kevin, but sad to leave the kids at the same time. Hope to post some pictures of our trip while we're there.


heather said...

Hope you have a great time in Mexico Sherri. I hope you have a very relaxing time and can concentrate on each other and NOT worry for one second about the kids. I can't wait to have Kaiya on Thursday. :) It will be so fun to have a sleep over for her and Suzy.

Angie Keller said...

I can relate to the eating of the animal shaped food. It started when Gracie was 3 with a marshmellow peep. She has not been able to eat food with faces since. : )
Have a wonderful time in Mexico. I so want to do that one day.

Jenn said...

Hope you're having a great time in Mexico. Enjoy the this special time together and making memories for a lifetime!