Friday, December 21, 2007


Yesterday was my Dad's sixtieth birthday and we surprised him with a party at their house. He was just thinking that we were going to have a family meal, but four other couples showed up for dinner. He had no idea. I did the invitations and was in charge of the decorating and kind of panicked on Wednesday when I hadn't thought of what to do yet...then God gave me some inspiration and the ideas started flowing. Amazingly, I had everything I needed at my house and it all matched the green & brown theme. Of course my Mother cooked up an amazing meal...a pork roast, baked potatoes, mixed vegetables and her delicious cranberry pecan salad. My nephew and niece, Jake & Maci, were the servers...Jake even showed up in a suit with a bow tie. I just told people to give their coats to the Butler. That guy is an ornery kid, though. He kept messing up my decorations and it looks like he got a hold of our camera when we weren't looking. He makes me laugh! After dinner, Mom brought out all these beautiful desserts...this woman is amazing. A s'mores cheesecake, butter pecan cake, peanut butter cheesecake, raspberry cheesecake & homemade truffles. Then from 7:00-9:00 four other families came for a dessert bar open house. What a fun night we had celebrating Dad's 60 years! Happy Birthday, Dad...Love ya!Santa Claus even showed up with some presents for us! Kenny Delegrange and his wife Louise are long time friends of my parents and like an Aunt & Uncle to us.Oh, and we also found out last night that my sister is PREGNANT! Wow, we weren't expecting that news at all, but we are thrilled for them and for us...Jake is hoping for a boy this time.


heather said...

Cute invitations Sherri, You are so creative. I would love to learn how you do your invitations and your Christmas....will you teach me????

Happy Birthday special that your daughters and wife love you so much to make such a special party in honor of you.

And congrats Shanna....on #5! WOW!

Thanks for sharing Sherri. Love reading what you are up too!

Sherri said...

Thanks, Heather...I will teach you...come on over!

Actually, I just get a lot of ideas online and copy maybe I'm not so creative. :) Now you know my secret. :)

Guatmama said...

What a wonderful party. We had already heard about it down here in Daviess Co. Mary and Joe are here to see Grandpa Stoll. Yeah, for Shanna and Clint - it's a boy, I have a special feeling!

krista said...

Sherri! That is so funny! It is the 3rd person that we heard of today that is pregnant, and the second #5. Wow, baby city!

krista said...

And, seriously, it is a shame that Clara doesn't sell those wonderful cheesecakes somewhere. I feel like she is undiscovered and that only her family will remember her for her wonderful baking ability! But that is special enough for her I am sure.