Monday, December 3, 2007

Gingerich Family Christmas

Yesterday marked the official beginning of our Christmas celebrations. We traveled to Sturgis, Michigan to attend the Gingerich Family Christmas held at Calvary Chapel Mennonite Church. This was my first outing since surgery on Thursday and I didn't quite feel like myself, but was so glad to be there. Today I'm exhausted and thankfully my wonderful mom stopped by and helped with the laundry.

Suzy Gingerich and Kaiya

Gingerich Family Christmas Traditions:

*Delicious home-cooked food including mashed potatoes

*All the men sing "The Star & the Wise men"

*Grandpa & Grandma hand out candy bars

*Homemade candies & cookies

*Some Aunts & Heather :) hand out fun little gifts to all families attending
*Group Games & Fellowship

"The Star & the Wise men" Men's Choir

My favorite part of the Gingerich Family Christmas this year was Grandma's Caramel Apple Dessert...mmmm!
Cousins - Kaiya & Karis

Grandpa & Grandma Gingerich and Ella June & Eldon Miller


krista said...

Ask Kevin why his mouth isn't open like Lyndon's when he is singing. =) I didn't know you took a photo shoot of the girls. So cute!

heather said...

Sherri, what great pictures! You have a really great zoom on that camera! Can you send me some of the kids on email? Loved the post. :)

heather said...

And by the glad you could make it, you looked GREAT!

Kevin said...

Cuz Leeno has a big PIE HOLE for a mouth, that's why. Man...Krista.

Cottonista said...

Looks like it was fun. Thanks for putting up pictures!

Do you still have the words to the Gingerich 12 Days of Christmas we sang years ago in Sarasota? All I remember is "2 denim jumpers, and a white shirt and a pair of khakis." We were supposed to wear white and khaki for the beach picture, but Lyndon or Kevin piped up (as Aunt Ellen) in the song, saying, "I wanna wear denim!" I just thought of that when I saw the picture of Aunt Ellen.