Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Room Time

The kids spend time in their rooms from 9-10 each morning playing, looking at books & listening to music. They both usually do well during this time and sometimes I forget they're even here and get caught up in what I'm doing. Here is what happened today during room time:

Kaiya sometimes gets into things she isn't supposed to, so I try to check on her from time to time. Today, she had taken all her clothes off (she usually does that a few times a day) including her diaper and was enjoying her freedom. When she saw me she said "I'm told (cold) mommy". I replied "you look cold, honey"! I grabbed the camera and snapped a few shots.

Earlier, during Caedmon's room time, he was upset and crying because he couldn't find one of the balls he was playing with. I told him to ask God to help him find it. Well he asked God but wasn't real happy with that answer, and wanted me to find it for him NOW then started getting upset. So he took a time-out on his bed to regain some control. After the time-out he got up, looked under his bed and immediately found the missing ball. I said "see, God wanted you to get some control and then He helped you find it". Later when I passed by his room, he was happily playing with the balls and I heard him talking to God like he was playing ball with God.


heather said...

Adorable room Sherri, I love the grown up version of Kaiya's room. I have not seen it since she was born. And cute story about how she took all her clothes off. FUNNY! What sweet kids.

Lyndon said...

Thanks for the post, Sherri. Miss those kids!

Cottonista said...

I'm amazed there weren't any puddles to clean up! That's usually the end result of me letting Owen run around nakey-jakey after a bath.