Friday, October 12, 2007

In the City - Milwaukee

Two weeks ago, the kids and I decided to tag along with Kevin on a business trip to Milwaukee, WI. I really debated if I really even wanted to attempt to go since it was only a one night thing. Caedmon had been asking recently if we could stay at a hotel. He didn't care where the hotel could even just be down the street and he would be happy. The fun of everyone in the family sleeping together in one big room with a TV is a huge excitement for him. With daddy's persuasion, we all decided to go. Kevin was going to be in a meeting the whole day on Monday, so we decided to leave early Sunday morning so we could do something together as a family that day and make the trip worthwhile. It was a five hour trip and the kids did great in the van...the DVD player helped. :) I was tempted to stop by the big IKEA store in Chicago since it's right on the way, but decided the kids would probably rather go to a children's museum in Milwaukee. Shucks! So that's what we did. The Betty Brin Children's museum, is located downtown Milwaukee right on the lake and is a perfect hands-on museum for the ages of our kids. It was beautiful weather that day and fun just to roam around the downtown. We took a few pictures in front of Kevin's Corporate Office while we were there as well.
Unfortunately, we woke up to rain on Monday morning and Kevin was off to his meeting...all day...leaving me...alone with the a hotel room. They were bouncing off the walls by 9:00am and I was struggling with displaying a few of the fruits of the Spirit. I kept watching out the window to see if the rain would let up a little. Finally I decided to brave the rain and walked 6 blocks to the mall with rain splattering in my face the whole time. The kids stayed pretty dry with their jackets, hoods and the stroller canopy, but I was pretty damp and cold by the time we made it to the mall. We hung out at the mall the rest of the day and the kids even took the same the stroller. I guess all the bouncing off the walls in the hotel room made them tired. It also could have been the fact that they both woke up at 6 am and started talking and laughing at each other. I have to say that I was glad we took the extra effort to go. The good memories certainly outweigh the not so good ones.


Cottonista said...

It sorta looks like you have three kids on your hands. Hope the big one behaved himself with all that sand and water.

heather said...

looks like a fun trip~lucky you. Great pictures!