Sunday, October 28, 2007

Nieces & Nephews

What a privilege it is to have the opportunity to babysit for our nieces & nephews. I've been babysitting for nieces & nephews for almost 16 years now. My sisters four children are getting older, so the days of watching them are less frequent and the nieces and nephews from Kevin's side of the family live an hour and a half away, so that is a rare privilege as well. This past month, though, we were thrilled to be able to watch six of the nine on three different occasions. The first weekend of October our niece Karis (age 1) stayed with us for the day on Saturday while her parents went to Ohio. We also picked up our little brother (we're in the big brothers big sisters program) ,Immanuel, and headed to a Veggie Tales party in Fort Wayne. The kids played games, ate hot dogs & got to meet Bob & Larry in person.

The following Wednesday, our three nieces, Maci (age 13), Lexis(age 9) & Rylie(age 7), were able to get off the school bus at our house and we spent the afternoon playing outside and baking cookies.

Just yesterday our two nephews, Easton (age 3) & Lincoln (4 months), spent the day with us. We picked up Immanuel and went to a Harvest Celebration at our church with tons of games & candy. I sure got a lot of attention carrying Lincoln around in the snugly and what fun it was for me to take care of a baby again. We took all five kids to Wendy's afterward and many eyes were focused on our big colorful family. Fun memories!


Lyndon said...

Wow, Sherri! What a wonderful blog! It was so fun to read and compile all of your weekends! You guys are such good care takers, and what a good example you can be for Immanuel. Sometimes I think we need to live closer to the city so we can more exciting things...shall we move to Fort Wayne?

heather said...

I agree Krista we'll come too! Ft. Wayne does has alot of fun things to do. And with such great babysitting it would be a bonus. Sherri-Loved your blog entry. Loved Kaiya's big cheesey grin. You 2 are pretty adventurous to take all those children out. Looks like a ton of fun!

Sherri said...

Yes, please move to Ft. Wayne! I've thought at times how nice it would be for us to live in Middlebury too.

Cottonista said...

Thanks for the great pictures! Love Kaiya's cheese-grit grin.

Is that Lexi on the trike? I can't believe how those kids are growing! I think she looks a little like your mom.

See you soon!!

Sherri said...

No, that's the youngest one...Rylie. My mom will love that. I'll be sure to tell her. We are counting down the days, Joyce! See you Friday!