Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Caedmon's Quotes About God

This past Sunday, our pastor preached about the importance of and challenged us to take time daily to read & study God's Word. It has also been a topic of discussion during the bible study time at my once a week dance class. In fact, our instructor has been asking us each week, "How many days did you spend reading the bible this week?". Although my goal is to spend everyday in God's word, it certainly doesn't always happen. With both of these reminders coming in the same week, it seemed to me that God was nudging me to try to do better. Just this morning another little reminder came from my son. He asked me "mom, did you do your vevotions"? I was relieved to be able to answer "yes, honey". Then he asked "why"? I told him because I want to learn more about God. And he replied "I like to learn about God, too", and I said "that is very good, Caedmon". Our conversation ended at this point and I continued to make my bed. Caedmon was laying on the floor with his head on one of the many fluffy pillows that cover our bed just for decoration...the ones that Kevin really loves. :) As he was laying there, he must have been in deep thought about God...I heard him say " God, you're always my best friend." "God don't send wind, so we can fly our kite." (I think he got a little mixed up on that one) Then as we moved out to the kitchen as he was playing with his new balls from Grandma Bontrager, he asked "Can God play with me, mom?". I said "sure". So he looked over to his left and said "Wanna play with me?". I had to chuckle.
I've been teaching Caedmon the creation story lately, so some questions about that story came next in our conversation. "Mom, can I eat fruit off the tree?" I said "yes". "Can Adam & Eve eat fruit off the tree?" Then I went on to explain the story again about Adam & Eve. "Can God share some fruit with me?" So many sweet innocent little questions came from Caedmon this morning about God. It's fun to watch him learning.


Lyndon said...

Oh, Sherri! Aren't you glad you started this blog just at the right time to catch these moments today and share them with us!

heather said...

Cute picture of Caedmon! I enjoy hearing about what those cute little kiddies are doing.