Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancing Baby and Belly Shots

Luca loves to dance. Love how she gets down with her bad self in this video. :)

Six month belly shots per your request. :) Lots of growth over the past month. I'm feeling "big" and more uncomfortable now...especially at night when I'm trying to find that comfortable position to sleep in. Once I do, it's time to get up and use the bathroom though. :) It's going fast...way too fast. Wish I could slow it down. I've loved being pregnant.


heather said...

I wondered if we were going to watch an ultrasound by the sound of that title :) You've got a dancing baby on the outside and inside. :) :) Loved the video and updated pictures. Fun to see you pregnant.

April said...

Ashley was watching the video of Luca dancing and she said "I like that baby." She loves babies.

cheryl said...

I'm glad the pregnancy is going well and that you get the privilege of it's enjoyment:) Luca's such a little sweetie!