Saturday, May 29, 2010

a letter to my kindergarten graduate

Dear Caedmon, You've just completed your kindergarten year. Your last day was Friday, May 28th 2010. I remember your first day of school like it was yesterday. {first day of kindergarten - August 19th 2009}

It was a very BIG day for our family because your new baby sister was born on that day. I was pulled in two directions. My son's first day of kindergarten...first day of being at school the whole entire day...first day to eat lunch in the cafeteria...first day of what the next thirteen years will be like.

It was also the birth-day of your second sister. Luca Bella arrived early that morning, before we even sent you off to school. We didn't find out until that afternoon. You were so grown up that day...seemed to grow up overnight. It seemed fitting to watch you become a big brother again on your first day of kindergarten. You were so proud and excited when we picked you up and told you the news.
{holding your new baby sister for the first time}

I talked with the mom of a first-grader early in your kindergarten year. She reminded me what a sweet year this year of kindergarten is and how quickly it goes by. She encouraged me to soak it all in...go on every field take lots of pictures.
{zoo field trip - May 2010}

It was a challenge with a new baby sometimes, but I did go on every single field trip with you. I took lots of pictures and tried soaking it all in. It still flew by.
{up close and personal - zoo field trip May 2010}

I'll never forget the trip to the pumpkin patch...your first kindergarten field trip. I hesitated to hover too closely...wanting to give you your space and letting you enjoy your friends. When you took my hand on your own, I knew you were glad I was there. It was a special day just for you and me. Then in December we got all dressed up and went to Warsaw to see a play...The Sound of Music. I loved our little date.

{more zoo trip photos}
When you started school, honestly I was a little scared of what kindergarten would be like for you. Would you be able to stay focused and pay attention to your teacher? Would you struggle with continuing to learn to read as you did in Pre-K? And most of all...Would your teacher be able to see just how amazing you are? ;)

You listened to my prayers each morning in the van before we drove off to school. "Lord, give Caedmon a desire to learn. Help everything to work properly in his brain so that learning comes easily for him." "Be with his teacher...give her wisdom to know the best way to teach Caedmon...give her patience and love for her students." "Give Caedmon joy in learning." "Help him to be a loving and kind friend to others and a good example...not easily influenced to make bad choices." "Surround him with your angels of protection."

{tincaps game - May 2010}You worked hard at reading. It wasn't always easy for you. We met with your teacher and she gave us ideas of areas where we could help you. We were so proud of you when you earned free tickets to a Tincaps game for participating in a special reading program. We watched you develop more confidence by the end of the year and it was a joy to watch you pick up books on your own and read them to your sister.
{well deserved ice cream treat at the game} {fireworks after the game}
I really would have never had to worry. You've had an amazing year...and an amazing teacher. You have flourished in so many areas. You received several special notes sent home and written by your teacher of how proud she was of the good choices you had made that day. You earned the Beary Good Behavior Award many weeks for not having any warnings or discipline issues for that particular week.
Your reading, writing, adding, and subtracting have improved tremendously.
And here you are...your graduation night and we couldn't be more proud. Two days later, we watched my oldest nephew graduate from high school. I remember his kindergarten graduation. He stood on the very same stage as you...I know just how very quickly those years have gone. Your next graduation will be your high school graduation and I will look back at these pictures and wonder just where the time went. I’m so excited at how you’ve grown over this past year (in more ways than one). This year of firsts. This year of Kindergarten. I’ve grown too. God has helped us both to grow in many ways. Congratulations graduate.
Love you always and no matter what,
~your Mommy

{with grandpa & grandma B}{with grandpa & grandma S.}
We made a DQ stop afterwards for more celebrating. {Graduation gifts from grandparents}
{last day of kindergarten - May 28th 2010}


heather said...

It's something else isn't it Sherri??? Wow! I can't believe we both have little boys finishing kindergarten...ready to start 1st grade soon. Loved your pictures. Love you.

Guatmama said...

Love this post. Your statement about hoping his teacher sees how special he is rings so close to home for me. Sam is so shy at times that I hope that people can see just how special he is. But sometimes I think God reserves that for those of us who are privlidged to be so close!

Nicole said...

how precious!! I agree I can't believe how fast this year has gone!! Babies growing up included :) They do learn so much and I am amazed at how quick they learn it. I don't think we started reading until 2nd grade :) I love having our kids the same ages so much fun!!