Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Shuttle Take-Off and Beach Vacation

The guys got up early on Monday morning of our vacation to travel to the Kennedy Space Center to watch shuttle Discovery take off into space. It sounded like everyone had the same idea and traffic made it impossible to get there on time for the take-off. They were 40 miles away, pulled over and were still able to get a pretty good view. Our vacation pretty much consisted of split time between the pool and the beach each day. The kids favorite was the pool.
Bein' silly.Enjoying the beautiful Florida sunset with my honey. :) My favorite place to be was the beach...although it was a little more tricky keeping track of all four kiddos there.
So fun to have this little pumpkin along for her first family vacation with us. She was such a gem. She took naps in the stroller wherever we went...the pool or the beach. A friend of mine let me borrow this little tent which worked perfectly to keep the sun off baby. Thanks Vicki!

Swim time with the cousins.~Ice cream run~

Me and my sis...only time in our lives that we will both be using strollers at the same time. We've always wanted to have babies at the same time and finally do. So fun.
Our condo had a beautiful park like setting in our backyard with lots of grass for running around, throwing footballs and that is also where we had the Easter egg hunt. We would always send the kids out to this park bench to eat their popsicles. More beach pictures. :)
The whole groupWe ran into so many familiar faces from back home while on the beach. So fun to walk up and find our cousins, Don & Heather and their sweet family enjoying their vacation.
cousins- isabella, william & jackGreat Aunt Mary Katherine stopped by for a visit.
Grandma time
Last night on the beach


Jessi said...

Great pictures & tons of memories...looked like lots of fun, how neat to have your family all their to enjoy a week on the beach. You did such a great job Sherri, catching all the highlights.

heather said...

Awwww...seems like a distant memory already. Already one month ago! Good times, so nice to see you while we were there. I'm thinking condo's are the way to go...don't you think??