Thursday, April 8, 2010

Seven Months

Seven months old...... and you experienced a lot of firsts ~ first time on the beach, first Easter and first time in a pool.
You liked the water unless someone splashed you in the face. :)
You lean forward from a sitting position like you want to take off and crawl. It won't be long.
You like to play peek-a-boo and do funny things that make us all laugh like shaking your head from side to side.You are a beauty, my sweetness. Our family would not be complete without you.


cheryl said...

Here's the thing. You maybe shouldn't post monthly pictures because I'm not sure I can handle how cute that chubby baby with the busting at the seems cheeks is. So adorable!

Grandma Ruby said...

That picture journey is just adorable and precious. Something about the sun and sand and a baby taking it all in is so sweet! Please kiss her soft cheek for me and tell Luca Grandma loves her.

heather said...

Awwww...Little Luca are so beautiful! You remind me of Suzy when she was 7 mo. with all those cute little rolls. Love you little baby.

Cottonista said...

Aunt Joyce wants to come snatch her up right now! What an adorable cutie.