Monday, April 5, 2010

Fun in the Sun in Orlando

Our family vacation began in Orlando. A week before leaving, Kevin and I both felt strongly that we should include our little brother (Big Brothers Big Sisters), Immanuel, on the trip. We're so glad we did. It was a joy to have him along.

Baby's first dip in the pool. She liked it. :)

My parents also travelled with us...what a blessing to have them and the extra help with the kids. My sister and her family were there as well...the WHOLE family was together. It's a wonderful feeling when everyone is away from work and all the distractions of daily life...and you can just focus on each other. I love vacations...the freedom from schedules and appointments, the bonding times, the joy of watching grandparents love their grandchildren and cousins play...what a blessing!

We went to Downtown Disney on Good Friday.

One of our favorite stops there is Goofy's Candy Company. Here are the kids making sugar sand tubes. A highlight of our vacation this year was meeting Kaiya's birthmom and her family at Downtown Disney. I'm thankful Kaiya had this opportunity and that I was there right by her side to witness this very special meeting. We have a high respect for Kristin and hold her very close to our hearts. Another fun thing about travelling with family is the fun tricks you can play on each other. Somebody plastered our truck with sticky notes! Hmmmm wonder who that could have been?

Time to go to the beach!!


heather said...

Enjoyed your pictures!!! It was cool to see your time spent with Kaiya's birth mom, bless you for giving that gift to her. You are a very special family.

Jenn said...

I totally agree with Heather. Brought tears to my eyes to think of how blessed the whole situation is. God is amazing!

Guatmama said...

The vacation looked wonderful and the topper seeing Kaiya's mom. I am glad Kaiya was able to have this experience. I am sure this was a moment you prayed over and anticipated!

Grandma Ruby said...

All the moments you captured are priceless, from Baby's first dip to the photos of Kaiya & her birth mom, Kristin. Bless you for taking time to love her too. Sweet Kaiya is a special treasure.