Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stutzman Fall Party on the Farm

We recently attended a Fall Party in honor of Indiana Senator Marlin Stutzman where he announced his intention of running for U.S. Senate. In the past couple of years Kevin and I have taken more interest in the political venue. There are so many moral and financial issues our country is facing right now and we feel it is important to support those running for office that want to carry our values and morals on to Washington. This was a great party and so kid-friendly. Loved the environment and feel of this beautiful farm...what a beautiful evening.

Caedmon on the obstacle course.
One of Caedmon's first words as a baby was "tractor". I love this picture.Here is Marlin and his wife Christy making the official announcement to run for U.S. Senate against Evan Bayh. What fun we're having with our third child...a joy to take her on family outings. She's a bundle of sweetness right now.

Watch for Kevin twice in this video. =)

Go Marlin!!!!


heather said...

Looks like fun...wish we would've went! I went to school with Marlyn...also went to school with his sister Lynette. She and I hung out together at that farm. :)

sherri said...

Man...wish you would've went too! I had no idea you knew them so I don't think I've ever seen such a "neat & clean" was beautiful.

Julie said...

Good for you guys for supporting people who have the right morals to bring to Washington!!! Looks like they had a fun party!