Tuesday, September 29, 2009

cute as a cupcake

Kaiya turned four on September 25th. Breakfast birthday waffles
Her birthday was the same day as Caedmon's jog-a-thon and carnival at school, so part of the day was spent there.

Dad got to visit Caedmon's classroom in the morning and watch him jog. I brought the girls for the carnival later.

Kaiya chose to go to a movie that night. We went to a theater that has a restaurant right in the theater. You watch the movie while you're being served food. It was the kids first time there and they loved it!
We had a birthday picnic the following Sunday at Pokagon.

So thankful for the beautiful day and the awesome family that joined us!

This little girlie was super excited about her cupcake party! Grandma S. made the cake. Kaiya, you are one of a kind...so kind hearted and loving. You have a sweet spirit and a giving heart. You are mommy's helper...you love to help me. You follow me around and love to do what I'm doing. Whenever I start running water for dishes, you quickly pull up a chair to help. You are eager to help with the baking and cooking also. You ask to have macaroni and cheese for lunch almost everyday. Whenever I ask you to get something for me, your reply is always "sure". You have been a wonderful "big" sister and I''m so glad that you and Luca have each other to grow up with. You tell me you love me several times a day. You like to sing and dance and make up cute little songs. You are learning to write your name and know a lot of your letters and shapes. I love you, sweet daughter of mine!
Happy Birthday, Sweetheart!Luca Bella - 5 weeksCousin Maci, the texting queenEmmi Klair and Luca BellaCupcake jammies from Grandma B.Quote of the day:
Kaiya: "When I'm a grown-up, I'm gonna eat hot dogs, macaroni and cheese and buy stuff that's not on sale."


heather said...

Awwww...Kaiya you are cute as a cupcake! Happy belated birthday to you! I love your cake..and your birthday decorations looks like tons of fun. You are such a sweet little girl.

Jessi said...

Awww...I just wanted to stare at every picture they are so adorable...made me want Chloe to turn 4 all over again=) Happy Birthday Kaiya...may you be blessed with many more sweet birthdays...you have an amazing mommy!!

Cottonista said...

Happy Late Birthday to Kaiya!! What a cutie you are! I wish I could squeeze you every day.

Sherri, you did an awesome job on her outfits and her party invitation. I'm sure you're unbelievably busy with three kids. Taking the time on details like that show how much you love your daughter!

Guatmama said...

So sweet - love our kids that are turning 4 already!!

April said...

It's hard to believe Kaiya is already 4. I loved the birthday cake.

Nicole said...

It was so good to see a new post!! I miss seeing you guys!! I loved the mac and cheese comment...that is Bransons all time favorite :) You have an adorable family!! (did you get my email about the gift certificates??) Just wanted to make sure you did!

Jenn said...

LOVE her comment...so funny!

I agree with everyone, Kaiya is as cute as a cupcake. What a little sweetheart she is! We miss her tons!

Grandma Ruby said...

Isn't Kaiya a sparkler?! Love her sweet spirit and energy. You made a lovely party for her. It would be nice to preserve all the love and joy of a 4-year-old forever!

Julie said...

Love the "cupcake" theme for Kaiya's birthday party!! Our girls are growing up so fast!