Saturday, September 19, 2009

The Joys of Motherhood

The days seem to just fly by...half the time I forget even what day it is. My mind is always thinking, thinking, thinking "when was the last feeding, hot lunch or pack tomorrow, gotta put the laundry in the dryer, time to pick up Caedmon from school, oh, is it 4:30 already...what should we have for supper?". And yet, in those chaotic moments I feel such joy to be in this role God has placed me in as a mother...a peace in the midst of the chaos that this is what I was created to do. There is such a joy in serving my family. I love the craziness this stage of life brings...I love my job!!! She certainly looks peaceful here doesn't she. Out of the three kids, she has cried the most. Having her on a good schedule has helped give me peace of mind though.The umbilical cord came off at two and a half weeks and she had her first real bath. She loves bath time. One of her not so peaceful moments. Her face can get really red. =)
A family outing at the fair. So refreshing to get out and see other adults. =) I love this fair. You don't get very far before you see someone you know. We've pushed this stroller through this fair with all our children. What a joy to get to push it there again. Here's Caedmon trying the corn hole.Kaiya feeling giddy on the kiddie rides.

And our kids were finally old enough this year to try the boy scout area.
Kaiya and I participated in the parade this year and had a ball. Luca stayed with her first babysitter...grandma S. Caedmon and Dad were at Caedmon's soccer game, but caught the end of the parade and took this shot.
Luca doesn't seem to like this little mini swinging thing. I thought it would fit better in our small home than the full sized one. She still spends a little time in it each day.
Daddy time.
Mommy's computer sidekick.A Kaiya outfit.

A last summer fling while it was still somewhat warm. Our city has a lot of great parks and we checked out this new one with a splash pad. Kaiya was in heaven. She asks almost everyday if she can go swimming.

Feeding time.


cheryl said...

I enjoyed the photos, Sheri. It looks like mommy-hood is keeping you busy, not that I had any doubts! She's so pretty. I love her little mouth:)

heather said... stay busy with 3 little ones. :) I remember those days of wondering what day is it?? Fun fun fun times. I 'm so proud of you for finding the joy.

Grandma Ruby said...

You'll always be glad you took the time.

krista said...

kr-that's from Karis. I was so excited to see two posts! I didn't have my expectations that high. Good for you. Loved all the pics and seeing the things you are doing...getting out and about with Luca. She is so sweet!

Guatmama said...

Thanks for sharing your joy!
Oh, and can I remember that Kaiya outfit? I think I do!