Wednesday, July 22, 2009

prayers for tomorrow - take 2

Thank you all for your prayers on our behalf over the weekend. We just got back tonight from spending five days in Milwaukee. We didn't have Internet access there but wouldn't have had time to use it anyway. It was nice to have our minds & bodies busy for a few days. I wanted to give a quick update though on Jo:

We talked to our agency on Monday evening and learned that Jo has chosen to interview other families at this time. We have no regrets on how the interview went and feel we portrayed ourselves in a very real and honest way. It's still a bit heartbreaking though.

In the same conversation with our social worker, we learned about another birth mother that chose our profile the same week that Jo did.

And the roller coaster ride continues.

We are interviewing with this birth mother tomorrow, so we need more prayers for tomorrow. Thank you wonderful, faithful friends!!


heather said...

That is awesome Sherri! I'm so glad for your blog to keep me posted. I hated to bother you on your vacation..but had been wondering what Jo had decided. Awesome that you have an interview tomorrow. I will be praying!!!

Jessi said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update! Will keep praying. I'm considering investing in some Dramamine for this rollercoaster ride we're all on, I'll share some with you if you want hahaha. Chat soon! =)

Nicole said...

I thought of you today several times! We will continue to pray for the birth mother and for your family!!