Tuesday, July 7, 2009

First Birthday with Fireworks

My niece, Emmi, turned one last week. My sister had her party at Pokagon on Friday night with a picnic supper and the fireworks show right after.My mom made the cutest little cake.Opening presents From the expression on her face...this one from grandma is the favorite, I think.
My sweet little Emmi, your first year has gone by so fast. You are so sweet, I could eat you up! I love it when you say "hi" in your high pitched little voice every time you see me. I love how you play the little game of tilting your head from side to side. I love you! Happy 1st birthday! Ready for fireworks!! mom & dad

I love watching fireworks at Pokagon. It's a beautiful view sitting on the grassy hill overlooking the lake. It was a nice evening...a little chilly for July, but I'm not complaining. =)

pretty Maci - my niece


heather said...

How fun Sherri! What a cute little niece you have. I love the birthday cake. :)

Grandma Ruby said...

What a special party! It's fun when little ones respond so sweetly. Blessings on Emmi on this first birthday of her little life. Cute cake, Clara!

cheryl said...

Emmi is just adorable. She frequently seems to have a look on her face that says she knows exactly what's going on, she just can't talk about it yet. It reminds me of an "I know something you dont' know" attitude. Happy Birthday Emmi! What a cutie pie!