Wednesday, May 6, 2009

jake's prom 2009

My nephew, Jake had his very first prom on Saturday night. He called me earlier in the week and asked if I could take pictures. We were in Indy that day, but I wanted to make sure we were back for the big night. I limped around with sore muscles, but got some good shots of him with his beautiful date, Dara. We took the pictures at the cedars (where my mom works). She was thrilled to get to see her grandson since she had to work that day. She put together these little appetizers for them and served them by the pond. And they're off!

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heather said...

Sherri, great work!!! How lucky Shanna (and Jake are) to have a photographer in the family! I love the color blocking. :) I can't believe I still haven't taken William's 5 year pictures...are you going to be in my town soon??