Monday, May 25, 2009

Five and a Half

My five and a half year old is really growing up. He loves riding his bike right now. He sometimes even wants to ride it before school and immediately when he gets home. It's amazing to see the difference in his riding skills just from the end of last summer to now. He's fast! He'll ride for over an hour...up and down the lane....talking to himself about who knows his own little world.
On this day, the rain didn't even stop him from riding.
School is over now. His last day was on Thursday. Man did that go fast! I loved his teacher and I loved his school. He has learned so read, to write, to be loving and kind to his friends. He's learned 26 verses in the bible, computer skills, rhythm and addition. He's excited about kindergarten next year. I'm excited about a break from the school routine for a couple of months. Hello summer!!

We've also noticed a lot of maturity over the past several months in Caedmon. Temper tantrums and the whining we've dealt with in the past are gone. He's helping around the house with feeding the pets and putting dishes away. He looks out for his sister. I love to see the growth in him. New challenges will come I'm sure with each stage of life, but we are sure enjoying our five and a half year old right now!

Caedmon and Kaiya are old enough to play outside by themselves now with me checking on them occasionally of course. They've always been good about staying right around the house. I was running on our property one morning and saw them walk toward the back field...thinking they would stop at the edge of the back field, I let them explore a little. As I continued my running/walking, I frequently looked in that direction for any sign of their little bodies coming back toward the house. Eventually, I decided it was time to see what they were up to and exactly how far they had gone. As I ran toward the back field there was no sign of them anywhere. We have a little over thirty acres...ten of it being wooded. I ran to the back of the backfield which is quite a distance and into the woods. We have a trail through the woods that winds back around to the house. For a five and three year old it would have been easy to get off the path. I found them on the trail and they had almost made it all the way back to the house already! I couldn't believe that they had gone that far by themselves. When I approached them huffing and puffing, I explained that they were never to go that far without mommy and daddy's permission. Caedmon's first words were that he was "betecting" Kaiya...making sure nothing happened to his sister. Barkley the dog and Jack the cat were also along for the adventure.

They sure are growing up.


cheryl said...

I'm not a mom, but I can imagine that you look on with a sense of pride and a little concern as they "go fast" whether it's on a bike or exploring life's paths.

Cottonista said...

Caedmon!! What a great kid! How awesome that he rides his bike so well (and so much, Mom!!) And what a great betector he is. I'm sure you heart did a few flips while you were searching for them, Sherri.

Julie said...

That's awesome Caedmon likes to ride his bike so much --- woohoo for outside activities and exercise :-)

That is so precious that walked the path together -- but I am sure it was very scary for you!!

Anonymous said...

It's hard to let the babies grow up, isn't it? But that's what they are meant to do, and we'd worry if that wasn't happening. It's wonderful to see them growing in the knowledge of the Lord, too. God bless the happy summer ahead! May God watch over everyone. Love, Grandma Ruby

Anonymous said...

I was thinking about you today. You're a real blessing to me and an encourager. I think of you often and pray for you!

Anonymous said...

you have beautiful pictures sherri. =)
my youngest is 5 as well and i caught him with his bike in the house the other day! he's the only one not in school and he said he didn't want to ride his bike alone so he brought it inside so he could be with me. i love this age... just like all the rest! ;)