Monday, March 30, 2009

The Blessing Trip

We are home again. Made it home last evening around 4...glad to be here, but really missing the 80 degree Florida air! It rained pretty much the whole way home on Saturday and tiring to travel in rain...and so sad...OK maddening to see snow flurries upon our arrival in Indiana.

But, I really can't complain one little ounce because we had an absolutely amazing and fun vacation that was filled with little blessings throughout the whole trip.

Our trip south was sunny and beautiful the whole way. I still couldn't believe we were actually going...kept thinking in my mind that something would happen to change up the plans again...but it didn't and as you can see we were just a little excited.
We started out on Friday evening around 5 and made it to Nashville by 11 which was the goal. Up again and on the road by six the next morning...Saturday was a long travel day, but beautiful. So what do you do in a van for 18 hours??? I packed each child a backpack FULL of coloring books, stickers, toys, games, paper and misc. items I have been collecting over the past couple months...I even confiscated things they had gotten in their stockings for Christmas and put them away for the past three months...they mysteriously reappeared on our trip. Throw in a few DVDs and a few snacks and there you go...two busy little happy bees. Kevin and I both commented how easy the trip was this time with the kids at these ages. I loved seeing all the flowering trees along the way further south...a glimpse of what is to come. Spring is my favorite time of year!
Partying at the Florida border.
free Florida orange juice at the border
We arrived in Sarasota on Saturday evening, got a few groceries and made it to the house by 8pm. Blessing #1 - We stayed at Kevin's aunt and uncles house (they weren't there) for four nights in Sarasota and the house was available the exact days we wanted to use it. Kevin's grandparents were staying there at the same time in their part of the house and we really enjoyed having the one on one time with them.

On Sunday we attended Beach side Baptist. :) Our first day at the beach...what a favorite place to be! I had so much fun snapping these shots of my little pink beach girl. She has such a love for the water...couldn't keep her out of it. Thankfully her fear of the "beach spiders" went away this year. :)

Caedmon chasing daddy with a bucket of waterDay two was cloudy...we went to turtle beach and collected a bag full of shells. Blessing #2 My Aunt Joyce stopped by and visited with us that afternoon. So good to see her again. Blessing #3 That evening we met some of our Florida relatives at a park for some amazing desserts. So fun to catch up with them and let the kids play together. Here's all the kiddos
And a shot of the girly cousins - me, Danielle, Jess, Jenn, Wynette & Joanna

and just for fun

Thanks again to our Florida family for making the arrangements for us all to get together! So good to see you!

Well it's obvious that I have TONS of pictures that I want to share and I'm only on day I'm going to break this down a bit and post more later. Part two and more blessings coming soon.


heather said...

Sherri....did you get a nose ring???? I'm not sure but some of the first pictures look like it. Do tell cousin.

The trip looks like so much fun. WOW! The fun of that drive and the anticipation it's the best part. If it took 1 hour it wouldn't be near the joy.

Love your new blog picture of the family. That is the black and white with the green. You are so creative.

Can't wait to hear about the rest of your blessings.

Jenn said...

Love seeing the pictures. Can't wait to see more. I agree what fun to be together again. I'm so glad it worked out for most of us. It was wonderful to see you again.

Cottonista said...

Can't wait for the next installment! Great pictures of my cute niece and nephew. ( :

Krista said...

Oh, I can't wait for more! So glad the kids did well and I am sure they had all the entertainment they needed. So cute of Kaiya at the beach. Karis was saying, "There's Kaiya, there's Kaiya." She is so ready to go to the beach, too. Thanks for being speedy about the pics! I am always so anxious. What would we do without blogs?

Julie said...

Sherri - I am glad you were able to get away.....looks like a lot of fun!!! Love the pics!

We are leaving Easter afternoon, so I am be interested in hearing more specifically what you packed for the ride - especially any snack ideas :-)

Nicole said...

Girl we missed you by one day I think :( I didn't know you were in Sarasota! Glad you had so much fun! When we flew out we were getting pelted with snowflakes on the runway! We laughed and said Fort Wayne is not a place where you should walk out to the airplane :) Brr!! Can't wait to see more pictures! Glad you were able to get away for some much needed family time!!

Guatmama said...

Was praying for this trip to be a blessing, so glad to hear that God had that under control. I love sand between my toes, nothing better!