Monday, August 11, 2008

School Is Starting in 10 days!

Ok, so I've been receiving threatening emails because I have not updated my blog for over a here you go. I just found out at the beginning of last week that Caedmon will be starting school on the 20th of this month. I guess I was thinking it wouldn't be until September since he's going into Pre-K. YIKES!!! Am I ready for this? It's like a whole new phase of life...letting go of my oldest son and sending him into the hands of someone else for a few hours a day. Will he behave? Will he remember to say please & thank-you? Will he remember to wipe? Should I be homeschooling him? Oh dear. He's excited and that helps a whole lot, but I'm still going to be a little weepy I'm afraid. I know that once we get into the routine it will be fine, but it will be an adjustment getting him to school by 7:50 AM every morning. Yawn, Yawn.

So we went school supply shopping last week to gather all of his supplies.

1 box 24-ct. crayon...check
paintshirt - still need that
2 lg. gluesticks...check
backpack...coming in the mail soon
1 husky & 2 #2 pencils...check
Fiskars scissors...check
washable markers...check
velcro gym shoes - still need those
pair of extra clothes...check
1 roll reg. paper towl...check
1 bottle hand sanitizer...check

It's been feeling more like fall around here lately. Just beautiful and yesterday was a perfect day for a bike ride.
Caedmon has been riding his first "big boy bike" all summer long. He got it for Christmas from Grandma & Grandpa. He usually just rides it up and down the lane and has taken it to Grandpa's house several times recently. Yesterday we decided to let him ride his bike along with us on the road instead of using the bike cart. First time on the real road with real cars and real hills and a real river that he could fall into. Well we started out on the gravel road with me riding right by his side. It seemed that Caedmon needed to stop several times until he felt comfortable. I was so focused on him that I didn't realize our dog Barkley was following us. So I'm trying to keep Caedmon to the side of the road while yelling at the dog to go back comes a is in the middle of the road and I'm thinking maybe this wasn't a good idea after all. So I ride back to the house calling the dog to follow me home and put him in the kennel. So we start our bike ride over again. This time going the other direction toward a bike trail along the river. It went pretty well, just slower but I was proud of Caedmon for going as far as he did. He even crossed the busy highway. As we were getting closer to home, Kevin decided that it was time to kiss the training wheels goodbye. I had my doubts, but a few reminders to have patience, a few bribes for ice-cream and a few falls later, Caedmon was riding training wheel free.

He was feeling so brave in this video that he even popped a wheely.

We were all very proud of him. Even Kaiya cheered him on.

Daddy's little burst of energy and craziness.

He sure keeps things light around here. I love him for that!

Caedmon's icecream reward at the local Dairy Sweet...grandpa & grandma even came to celebrate.


cheryl said...

How much fun is that? Now he gets to check another thing off his list. Once you learn, you never forget! Of course, just as exciting is the ice cream reward at the end!

heather said...

Sherri, You've done a great job of teaching Caedmon...he will remember. He has so many verses hidden in his heart, which is a great tribute to your parenting. He is a good little boy. It is SO hard to let go, but it will be so exciting for him and he will enjoy getting to know more children his age. I keep telling myself this is a small part of letting go....just think of when our children go off to college, that will be all day, every day, for weeks/months at a time. It makes me think letting them go for 6 hours a day won't be so bad.

So this is what your family has been up to....soaking up summer before it's all done. Great job Caedmon on learning to ride with no training wheels. I loved the video.

Julie said...

Wow - Caedmon is getting so big :-) It's fun to see him grow up. Great job on the biking riding!!!

I agree with Heather - you and Kevin had done a great job parenting. Caedmon is a very good boy, and I am sure he will do great at school.

krista said...

Wow! That is great that he is riding without training wheels. He seems so big...maybe it goes along with the preschool thing. That will be a hard day for Mama... It was fun to read about your activities.

Nicole said...

Hey I am with you on the school thing :( I know we can't keep them this age forever...but it sure is a fun age! We'll be praying for Caedmon..he will do great. He is such a fun loving kiddo so I know he will make lots of friends! And way to go on the bike...I will have to tell Dawson maybe it will push him a little :)