Thursday, March 13, 2008

Springing Forward

Spring is so close, I can smell it! Yesterday was gorgeous! Bright sunshine and temperatures slowly climbing into the 50s. I love the time change with the daylight lasting longer in the evenings now. The kids have been sleeping in longer which is wonderful, but unfortunately I have been too. Now if I could just get up at my normal time it would be perfect. Soon we will be seeing the signs of new life popping through the soil...this is my favorite time of year!

Speaking of new life, we were so privileged to meet a new little life yesterday at the hospital. Our friends, Rob & Jenny, had a new baby boy on Tuesday.
Baby Chase came four weeks early at 6 pounds & 7 ounces, surprising everyone. His size reminded me so much of Kaiya when she was born. She was a tiny 6 pounds & 8 ounces. After having lunch with daddy & visiting Baby Chase, the kids and I ran a few errands. I decided we would wear our Spring jackets instead of the heavy winter coats and I'm so glad we did. With the sun shining in the van, it was actually kind of hot. We even rolled down the windows a little. Come on Spring, we're ready!The kids did so great, running errands during their usual nap time. They fell asleep on the way home and slept in the van while I got all the groceries unloaded and put away.


heather said...

Yesterday was beautiful! I hung out 4 loads of encourage spring to come. LOVIN IT! Cute baby! Does it give you any ideas to bring another one home Sherri? How about twins this time??? :)

Nicole said...

Isn't beautiful out!!! To bad it's not warm enough to lay out and get a tan!! Very cute baby and I love the timing of the kids falling asleep and all the groceries getting put away :)Heather made a great comment, it probably is time for twins!! You try it first then let me know how it works out:)

Cottonista said...

I have a love/hate relationship with the kids falling asleep in the car. It's makes such a nice, quiet ride. But sometimes a 10-minute siesta can ruin a 2-hour nap! I've been known to holler at one kid in particular for the last mile home. ( :

Very cute baby! I can't believe Kaiya was that little. In fact, sometimes I can't believe any of our kids were babies, they are growing so fast.

Guatmama said...

Looking forward to spring too!
I agree with Heather and Nicole....
I can't believe that Jake is 16!!!

Sherri said...

Heather, I've always thought that twins would be so much fun. Can you find some for me? :)

Joyce, I sooo agree with you about keeping the kids from falling asleep in the car. That is usually the case for me too, but this time it was after 4 and they were so tired from running around with mommy all day, so I gave in.