Friday, March 28, 2008

Florida Sunsets

Well it's our last day here and the hottest day yet with temps over 80 degrees. We are trying to soak in as much sun as we possibly can by going back and forth from the beach to the pool. I heard that Indiana is still cool, so I will do what I can to bring back some warmer weather. One of my favorite times of the day here is at sunset. Our routine has been to play games on the beach & take pictures as the sun goes down. Fun times!
It's been so nice vacationing with my family this week. It's so much more fun with a bigger group to hang out with and laugh with. I'm afraid the kids are a little spoiled now with all the extra attention from Grandma & Grandpa and all their cousins, but it's certainly been worth it. I've loved getting up early and walking the beach each morning with mom & dad. I've loved watching my children have a blast learning to swim better with their cousins. I've loved watching my dad play in the sand with my kids. I've loved seeing my pregnant sister each day and talking about the upcoming arrival of baby Emmi. I've loved this whole week!
I've loved spending lots and lots of time with the love of my life.
I've loved playing endlessly with my children and watching their excitement this week.


Nicole said...

What great pictures!! I am so glad you are having such a great time! It is so fun with a big group,we will be praying for safe traveling home for you guys and very cute shirt in that last picture :)

Guatmama said...

What an absolutely beautiful family. I am so glad to call all of them a part of my own extended family!

PS, Have you seen the Children's place ad with the little boy that is the spitting image of your little man Caedmon?