Tuesday, August 10, 2010


Eleven months old...and you're walking.You have a great cheering club that was so excited to see you finally take off on your own. There are more bumps and bruises on your soft little body since you're still unsteady and learning. You are learning sign language and have caught on so quickly signing please, thank you, all done and even no. You say Da-dee (daddy) more than any other word. You also say mama, Kaiya, all done and hi.You said goodbye to your bottle and are doing great on regular milk out of a sippy cup. You also said goodbye to your pacifier...that was a sad sad day, but you're doing great.

I've been feeling great this month with the exception of the intense heat of this summer. When I walk my ankles swell and I've had some braxton hicks contractions. So glad the biggest part of my pregnancy will be in the Fall and early Winter months when it's much cooler. :) I've been amazed and fascinated by all the movement of this little guy. Usually in the evenings is when he's the most active. I love sitting down after the kids are in bed and watching Kevin enjoy feeling him move. It's fun to actually be big enough now for people to notice that I'm pregnant. I'm still surprising some at church and school that hadn't heard the news yet.


heather said...

Awww...how sweet Luca is & her walking self. Cute video. And thank you for the pregnancy picture, what a cute belly you have lovey. Still so stylish and hip. Can't wait for December!!!

Cottonista said...

How cute!! Helen and I loved watching Luca--over and over again.

I love you, Aunt Sherri!

Nicole said...

what a sweet baby bump!!I love it!!
And I LoVe the video of Luca how cute is that!! she is so adorable! I don't look forward to the no more paci day :( we usually take it away around 1 year as well. But I have to know did you find any deals today??? They were so busy!! I love finding deals there!! I only got through one aisle looking for Elliana!