Saturday, November 21, 2009

you belong

Three months old. I've only known you three short months, but it feels like you've been a part of me forever. A part of our family forever. You belong. I'm feeling like housework, laundry and being a mommy of three are all becoming more balanced.
You smile so easily and frequently now. Your smile is like a daily dose of therapy for me. All my cares and frustrations are forgotten when I see that smile of yours. We've also heard your first sweet giggle.You're still in size 0-3 month clothing and are wearing a few 3-6 month dresses. Just switched to size 2 diapers.You've found your hands and are quite entertained just staring at them. You're starting to grasp things.You sleep for 10 hours at night and have dropped the late night feeding. You eat every four hours now and take approximately four feedings of four and a half ounces a day. You still spit-up a lot it well as the projectile type occasionally.You love your baths and splash. You are trying to talk to us with cooing sounds.You had your first teenager babysitter. She was a very mature teenager. Mom still worried though. You did great!
You are such a happy baby. I love how you wake up happy in the morning and coo and talk until someone comes for you. I love you, sweet baby of mine!


wanita said...

she is growing so fast! i had to go back and look at her one month pix(♥ those too!)and see how she fit in the tub in comparison to now. =) beautiful eyes and love that smile!!!!

heather said...

Sherri, I can't wait to squeeze and kiss that little girly this weekend!! Man is she a sweetie! Love the pictures! What a blessing your #3 is!

Guatmama said...

i can see the love you give her beaming through her eyes and sweet smile!

Anonymous said...

precious pics sherri. she is growing so fast!!! =)