Sunday, November 15, 2009

adoption awareness month

In honor of adoption awareness month, I want to post this picture of my three little sweeties who have given me a title I didn't know if I would ever have....Mom.

And in honor of their three birthmothers whom we lift up with high honor and love...
Once strangers, not knowing of each other,
God brought us together
To share a special bond of love
With three sweet little ones named Caedmon, Kaiya & Luca Bella.
You may never understand the pain
Or know the tears I cried.
My heart's desire was for a child
To nurture, love, and guide.
I may never understand the pain
Or know the tears you cried.
You said good-bye to these precious children,
Entrusting me to nurture, love, and guide.
I see your face in their smiles,
And love in their sparkling eyes.
They're the answer to countless prayers,
A blessing to many lives.
No longer strangers,
We share a special bond of love
With a very precious gift
From our God above.


Guatmama said...


Have enjoyed catching up with you. I thought that new baby must be keeping you really busy. But, I see know that Kevin needed his share of care. I am quite certain that you managed as good or better than most of us! Love you!

Grandma Ruby said...

Love your heart for the birth mothers. Your writing for and to them is insightful and gracious.

Grandma Ruby said...

I want to add that I love the picture of your three sweeties. It melts my heart! You are just the mommy they need--the Lord brought you all together.

Anonymous said...

love love love your words. so sweet. you inspire me and i'm so grateful to call you my friend. =)