Saturday, October 31, 2009

trick or treat 09

Look what I found growing outside...At two months old you...
-are eleven pounds and ten ounces and twenty-one inches long
-are out of the preemie clothes and into 0-3 months
-are happiest first thing in the morning
-smile for your daddy the most
-have turned mommy's perfectionism world upside down (house is always a mess it seems...and the funny thing is...I don't care! :)...laundry is still a challenge to keep up with...and there is a layer of dust on all the furniture...if you know me well, you know that this is not me at all. It's been good for me to let go of the perfectionism and enjoy this stage of life that I'm in right now...a challenge, but good for me. :)
This was your sweet little Halloween costume I found at a resale shop...just your size.With all the adjustments and craziness around here already...why not throw in a knee surgery.

Kevin has been dealing with pain in his knees for quite some time now and it was time to do something about it. I had both the girls with me that day in the waiting room along with all our gear...diaper bag, car seat, Thermos to hold hot water for baby's bottles, my purse and kaiya's busy bag. I'm sure we looked like quite the do what you have to do...right? Since I wasn't sure what to expect with the whole surgery thing, I was quite relieved to see a nurse with a familiar face...thanks Cheryl for all your extra attention and care that meant alot!
Surgery went very well and very fast...thankfully. Baby slept the whole time and Nurse Cheryl kept Kaiya content with peanut butter crackers in the recovery room. We got everyone home and our patient settled and comfortable. I was a good nurse for maybe a day...then it got really old fast. :) I don't think either of us realized how difficult this all would be with baby only two months old. I think in my mind I was thinking "it's only an outpatient procedure...he'll be fine by the weekend." Boy, was I wrong. Kevin had to use a CPM machine for six hours a day for 21 days...which meant laying down with his leg on a machine that went up and down...which meant no more help from hubby with much of anything. He had to be on crutches for four weeks...which meant I had to make about a thousand trips in and out of the house whenever we would go anywhere and had to drive (I don't enjoy driving). I crashed in bed every night...exhausted. All that complaining though was really quite selfish of me...and I did complain a time or two or three or four. When I took the focus off myself, I was reminded of how much he helps me and how thankful I am that it was something that could heal....I take our health and mobility for granted. I'm sure it was only a taste of what some have to go through on a long term basis. He was a good patient and helped whenever he could...probably doing more than he should at times because he knew how tired I was. The laundry stayed caught up during that time because I had a good folder. :)

We had planned a date night only three days after his surgery...we had a babysitter lined up and everything. I told him we should cancel, but he wanted to go ahead. I was glad we did. It was just what I needed. Here we are at Target doing some Christmas shopping. Baby got to come along too.

The kids were so proud of their brother/sister shirts I found.
Trick or Treating 2009Kaiya(chicken), Caedmon(firefighter), Lexi(princess ballerina), Rylie(go go girl), Emmi(little bo peep)It was a rainy evening, but warm. Kevin stayed in the van with our little daisy baby since he was on crutches...then joined us at Wal-mart to finish.


Cottonista said...

I had to laugh out of sympathy for you! Jason had carpal tunnel surgery on his right wrist last Christmas. Jack was still a baby then, plus we were hosting company. My compassion and TLC lasted about a day. He told me later that I had been really nice the first day, and then something changed. ( : Woops.

Nicole said...

It was so good to get updated on your life!! We are sure busy mamas!! What a sweet and beautiful family you have girl!!!