Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Home From Costa Rica...for a little while

Kevin's brother and his wife and family were home recently for a few short weeks. What joy to see them and touch them all again. To look them in the eyes and give squeeze and kiss their kiddos and watch them play with their is a tremendous blessing to have them in our lives whether here or many miles away!It's true...we sometimes take the time we have with those we love for granted...and when they're not there you realize just how valuable the times we have together are. I loved having them home and of course wished that it could have been longer. They got to meet Luca for the first time.Sunday lunch at Grandma's house - Karis & KaiyaWhen they left a year ago, Jeremy was a tiny little baby. I think our whole family tried to make up the squeezing time and loving on the poor little guy. Great Grandma B. and Luca Great Grandma G. and LucaI like you in blue.

I'm glad Lyndon and Krista could make a stop at our house while they were here. What a treat to wake up and have them sleeping on my couches!
Enjoyed our breakfast and conversation!

And here is Kaiya and Karis on our little shopping adventure having fun together running around in the stores.

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Grandma Ruby said...

I've just taken a trip through these most recent updates-- Thanks for the sweet photo journey! I love Luca Bella in blue too! Kaiya's tears for her baby sister touch my heart.