Sunday, January 11, 2009

Five Years with Caedmon

Caedmon's request for his birthday this year was to go to a hotel...something he asks about several times a month it seems. So we booked a studio room at a local hotel and were pleasantly surprised by it's really was the perfect room for the occasion. We checked in around two in the afternoon on New Year's Eve. Soon the aroma of fresh baked cookies snuck in under our cookies at the front desk. The kids would have been perfectly content to stay in the room the rest of the afternoon and evening, but we decided to go out to a movie and grab some dinner. Caedmon chose Arby's after the movie.Then back to the room for birthday cake and a present from mom and dad. I love how he has his arm around his sister in this one.
We had the pool to ourselves. Back to the room for popcorn and movies. We almost made it till midnight, but not quite. We were well rested the next morning and spent most of the day at the mall. The kids took a carousel ride, visited the build-a-bear and Disney stores and even got in a nap while mommy did some shopping. :)

The following Saturday, all the grandparents came to celebrate too. They even brought all the food! Kevin's mom brought homemade pizza and my mom brought this beautiful ice cream cake.
Do I really have a five year old? Wow, where did the last five years go?
Getting spoiled by Grandpas & Grandmas Kaiya got her fair share of spoiling from Grandma B. too who put on jammies and read books.
My son, you bring so much laughter and joy and at the same time you keep me on my toes with your strong personality and determination. You are growing up so quickly and I'm so proud of how well you have adjusted to going to school this year. You are learning to read, can write your name, the alphabet and the numbers up to 12 so far. You play so well by yourself and can play for hours creating and building play sets with Lego's. It's fun to play board games with you and you're really working hard at congratulating the winner when it's not you....sometimes with tears. :) You love to laugh and said your first joke today that made all of us laugh. Daddy called you a book-head because you have your head in a book a lot and you came right back instantly and said "well, you're a coffee-head". You've started helping me around the house with little chores. You were so proud to feed the kitties all by yourself the other day. I am so proud of you and love you so much! Happy Birthday Babe!

Your birthday celebration was so timely this year. It felt so good to have some happy moments to share as a family...such wonderful memories!


cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Caedmon! What a fun way to spend a birthday. A night away can be so much fun!! That gift looked bigger than you! I hope this next year is your best yet!

Jenn said...

Love the hotel pics. What a great idea for a birthday party. I'll have to remember that when the kids get older.

Wynette said...

Good times! JJ had so much fun playing with Caedmon at Thanksgiving, too! He was looking at your pictures with me and said that Caedmon's Baler is "Cool".
Thinking of you a lot lately!

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Buddy! I love having a son the same age going through the same stuff in life right now! Hope your having a great week!!

Julie said...

What fun staying at a hotel can be!! What a great idea :-) He is growing up soooooo fast!!

Grandma Ruby said...

Thanks for sharing all those memories, Sherri. I'm sure these events will not be forgotten. I had to laugh out loud about "Coffee Head" from Caedmon. It's fun to see the sense of humor budding.

heather said...

Oh Sherri...we thought we had the same hotel as you had...and how you went on and on about it, I kinda wondered???? It didn't seem as nice as you had said it was. WE didn't get fresh cookies and the service was just o.k. It was the same hotel but a different location. And the pool was outdoors. :(

So cool you guys had such a neat birthday celebration for Caedmon. It's so funny William talks so much about going to a hotel too! I'm so happy you guys could get away. Great pictures. Love Ya!

Jessi said...

What a fun Birthday you gave Caedmon!! He is one blessed little boy to have such awesome parents. Hope you have a good week. Thanks for all your sweet comments you leave me.

Nicole said...

Hey Sherri I just left you a comment on my blog and then realized you probably will not see it!! Silly me! Anyhow you will have to check it out!!