Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Another Birthday in Chicago

I FINALLY have my computer back up and running after almost three weeks! Talk about feeling out of touch! Now I feel way behind on blogging, email & bookwork. Oh well, one thing at a time I guess.

Last week was spent in Chicago with my honey all to myself. Caedmon stayed with Grandma S. & Aunt Shanna. Kaiya stayed with Grandma B. Thank you to all of you for keeping things going and taking such good care of our family while we were gone. My mom took Caedmon back and forth to school and my nephew took care of the pets.

Shopping on Michigan Avenue

Who could ask for more? Uninterrupted time with my husband,


elegant dinners,

picture with Northwestern CEO, Ed Zore and his wife

and sleeping in every morning in this fluffy king size bed.

Saturday was my 34th that sounds old. We took an extra day coming home and stopped at the Michigan City Outlet mall. I almost many sales, so many stores...too little time. Old Navy, Children's Place, Maurices, and several other stores all had an extra 50 percent off their lowest clearance price. I got so much for so was fun and a great way to spend my birthday doing one of very favorite things...bargain shopping!

Another stop I definitely wanted to make on my birthday was here:

So good...I was a very happy birthday girl. The waitress was so kind and when she found out it was my birthday, she brought us both out a free dessert.

Now back to wiping noses and cleaning up crumbs...I love my life!


heather said...

VERY Happy Birthday to you Sherri. Looks like a great time. I love shopping, eating out, and I love time away with hubby....great combos!!!

Glad your back into bloggy world. I've missed you.

Julie said...

Sounds like you had a great birthday!! It's always great to have a bit of "adult" time. Good for you guys for taking that time! ...and glad you got your computer back :-)

Angie Keller said...

Happy Birthday Sherri!!
My birthday was on Monday (36 ugh)

Jenn said...

Happy Birthday Sherri!!!

Welcome back to the blog world. You were missed!!!

My birthday was the 22nd. Cool that we're so close together.

Looks like tons of fun in Chicago. Ahhh, a weekend away with your hubby. It doesn't get much better. Glad you had a good time.

cheryl said...

Happy Birthday Sherri! I'm glad you had a good one, and that you guys had some time away. It's good to see you back among the world of bloggers.

Cottonista said...

Hey, Happy Birthday and welcome back! Missed you.

krista said...

It was great to see pictures. I remember the ones from last year. Did you borrow Macy's dress again? Glad you can blog again...hope you are not too overwhelmed with catch up!

Guatmama said...

Looking fabulous again this year Sherri!

Jessi said...

Happy Birthday Sherri!! Looks like you had a super Birthday... I just live for those getaway weekends. when I get back from a weekend of shopping, eating out and just being together with my best friend... It feels so good and refreshing. I wish you the best this coming year.

Nicole said...

Happy Birthday Girl!!! I am so glad you were able to spend it doing fun fun things!! I sure miss seeing you, us girls will have to get together soon!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your comments on our blog Sherri =) You're awesome. Glad you & Kevin had a great Chicago trip and Happy Birthday!

Grandma Ruby said...

So glad you could get a break and relax and have fun over birthday time. Those special times give a lift that help us live in the real world again. Happy Birthday to my first daughter-in-law! Love you lots, Sherri!