Monday, June 23, 2008

I usually like the month of June alot!

A Father's Day ice cream break at DQ with my Dad. Love you Dad!

The month of June comes real close to being my very favorite month of the year. Our anniversary is in June, summer is just beginning and of course father's day as well. With my hubby being gone on two business trips this month and studying every night of the month for his final CLU exam, it was a bit stressful at times. My role of mommy doubled to meet the needs of the family. Father's Day weekend was spent at home so he could spend hours studying for the exam he took the following Monday. He PASSED the test last Monday and I was thrilled and very proud of him, but sad because he would be leaving again that night for the next two days in Chicago. So while he was gone, we planned some fun things to do to pass the time. On Monday my mom came and helped with strawberry jam. Monday night was a "girls & Caedmon slumber party". My three nieces and my mom spent the night and we had a ball pampering ourselves and doing girly things. By the end of the evening, Caedmon was saying "I wish I was a girl". Poor guy...Maci came to the rescue and painted lines on his face so he could dress up like a football player. Kaiya just soaked it all in...she's such a girly girl!Loved having all the girls here! They even gave me this sweet thank you card.
Daddy coming home from Chicago! It is so good to have him home again and even sweeter to have the help again now that the studying is finished.


Guatmama said...


What a great post - I love love love the pic of your mom on the couch making the funny face. That is priceless!

Cottonista said...

What a fun slumber party! Wish I could've been there too. Kaiya looks like she's totally awed.

cheryl said...

What a fun slumber party! Poor Caedmon bing outnumbered. One day he'll realize that's an advantage.

Kevin (DAD) the MAN said...

Son, one day you might rethink those words. Daddy needs to take back his son and re-instill your man hood. You'll be forever wondering why in the world you ever said that.

Honey, thanks for putting up with me and my crazy month. We'll have to make July a catch up month!

Julie said...

Congrats to Kevin (and to you) for all the hard work studying and passing the test (and to you for taking on the extra duties.

What a great way to spend time with your mom and neices!!! Good for Caedmon for hangin' in there and making the most of it:-)

heather said...

Wish I could've come to the girls night too. I could've even brought a couple of boys for Caed to play with :)

ADORABLE picture of Kaiya in black and white with the red strawberries. You have got serious talent SHERRI!

Glad you have Kevin safe and sound and back at home. :) And that the test went well. Why don't you pencil in a weekend to come here some evening in July?? :)

krista said...

What a fun idea, Sherri, to make the evening fun. And on a Monday! That's right, it's June! I agree it is a great month.