Monday, June 9, 2008

Daddy's Home Again...for a few days anyway

Kevin was out of town again last Thursday & Friday in Iowa for a business trip. His flight to Iowa was delayed several times because of weather and I have to admit, I was praying that it would cancel and he'd have to come home. It didn't take me long to fill up his day on Friday if he wasn't able to go to Iowa. A family trip to the zoo or the pool sounded really good to me, but that didn't happen since it didn't cancel.

I invited my parents over for supper on Thursday night to pass the time and asked my dad to bring along his mower and mow our grass. Our mower hasn't been working since Memorial Day weekend and the grass was starting to flower. I thought it would be a nice surprise for Kevin when he got home. My mom helped weed my flower beds too. What a blessing and great way to pass the time. Here are some pictures of the kids falling asleep in front of the TV(Caedmon hadn't taken a nap that day and so it didn't take long for him that afternoon)...pitiful isn't it? I feel like a guilty parent even posting these. Yes that is what I resorted to for a short time while Kevin was gone. I don't let them watch much TV at all, but I needed some quiet time..!! My mom convinced us to spend the night and the kids were very excited about sleeping at Grandmas. Kevin's flight was supposed to come in on Friday evening at 6:15...more delays because of weather. I was so disappointed and bummed because he was still in Iowa when I talked to him at 9:00 pm and there was a chance he would not make it home until the morning. We had a very full day planned on Saturday and this would have really messed up the day. God did answer my prayers and at 3 am on Saturday morning he finally crawled into bed with me...very tired to say the least.

When he woke up on Saturday morning he talked about how he really needed to mow and I agreed saying that it's really getting tall...chuckling to myself all along. He was pretty surprised and very thankful when he saw the freshly mowed grass. Thanks again, Dad!

Caedmon had his final soccer game on Saturday morning with an awards ceremony and picnic.

After lunch we went home for naps and when the kids woke up they were dropped off at Grandma & Grandpas. AHHHHHHH! We were in desperate need of a date and what an AWESOME time we had! The past week has been a bit stressful with Kevin being gone and all the study time he has needed for his CLU course. His test is next Monday (the final one of eight...YEAH!), so another difficult week lies ahead and on top of that another business trip to Chicago this time on Monday, Tuesday & I said we were in desperate need of a date.

We went to a beautiful park with a rose garden and took pictures for our anniversary coming up. So much fun! Here is a sample. There are a lot more to come! There was a wedding at the park that day and it was so fun to get a peek. We had dinner downtown at Tuscani's Pizza then went to Jefferson Pointe Mall and saw another wedding party taking pictures in the courtyard. I found a formal dress at Old Navy for $2.99. Lovin' that price! We also used a discount coupon for ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery. We watched Narnia after that which was free with a gift certificate we had. Loved the movie! There are so many parallels to the Bible and I was really encouraged and inspired after watching it.

And on Sunday we attended a first birthday party for our sweet little nephew, Lincoln. So hard to believe that the little man is one already. He was the little guy I requested prayer for several months ago about a cyst growing on the back of his head. He had surgery to remove it and is doing great.I don't think I've ever seen a one-year-old dig into a cake as much as he did. And as you can see our son was helping too.

There are usually moments of crying at a one-year-olds birthday party. So much going on with presents, cake and aunts wanting to hold...but the memories are priceless! Notice my sons hand again getting a big scoop of frosting.
It was nice to be at the park for the party...a hot day, but the river helped everyone cool off a bit.
My lovely sister-in-laws...Sarah & Krista (who just found out she is having a BOY at the end of October!).


Kellerx4 said...

Hey, I am glad you found me. I really miss seeing all the friendly faces of Central. It was just time for us to move on. I can not believe how big your kids are. They are very photogenic (i hope i spelled that right.) I know it has only been 8 months but it seems like years to me. I will hopefully see you at Janel's baby shower.

Nicole said...

Oh my what sweet pictures! I am with you on not liking my hubby being away! Not that he is but the idea of it saddens me :) Kris and I loved that pizza place you went to, we went two fridays ago and it is so so good! Across the street is an irish pub restraunt I think it is called J K Odonells or something like that and it is so good to! I love finding all these new places downtown! I am so glad Kevin is back safe and you guys had a great weekend!

heather said...

Well now I know why you haven't been able to post. I've been waiting to see what you've been up to. Now I know-playing mama and daddy. That's rough!! You should've made a trip up here--We could've hung out at the pool. You could still come for next week if you'd like when Kevin goes to Chicago. :) I'd love the company.

Cute pictures at the park of you and Kevin. So sweet!!! Awesome back drop.

Sherri said...

Good to hear from you Angie. It will be great to catch up at Janel's shower again.

Nicole, we've been having so much fun trying out different parks and restaurants we haven't been to in Fort Wayne. There is so much to do right here at home.

Heather, yes it was rough as you know. Thanks for the invitation to come. My days are pretty full next week which I'm thankful for. It's the evenings and nights when Kevin is usually home that are the hardest for me. Not looking forward to it!