Saturday, November 10, 2007

Little Stinker

Kaiya Elle is her name, making messes is her game! My daughter cannot be left alone for more than a minute. I will find myself working on something and notice that she's missing and think to myself...uh oh, I'd better go check to see what she is up to. Sometimes her older brother will catch her in the act and come to tell me about it before a disaster occurs, but she can be pretty sneaky sometimes too. Here is a list of the messes she has made just in the past couple of weeks.

1. Got into the spice cabinet and dumped the whole container of salt in the kitchen and on the couch.

2. Emptied the Q-tips all over the bathroom floor.

3. Got into my make-up and put eyeliner on her eye and in her mouth.

4. Got into the spice cabinet again and emptied a whole jar of multicolored sprinkles all over the kitchen floor.

5. Got into the spice cabinet again and emptied the container of popcorn salt.

6. Got into my purse and emptied a tic-tac container all over the couch.

I'm starting to remember when my son did the exact same things right around her age. I was mortified one day when we were at my mother-in-laws and he was supposed to be napping in her room. I thought he was sleeping, but when I went to check on him, at least an hour later, my mother-in-law's room was a disaster. Upon walking into the room there was the oh so familiar oder of a messy diaper along with a very strong powder scent. He emptied a container of powder all over the room, had gotten into her dresser drawers and pulled out tons of items and had eaten the whole roll of tums from the nightstand drawer. It looked like a tornado had gone through her room. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry.


heather said...

What a little stinker....she just looks too cute to be so naughty. How can you ever spank that little cuttie pie? Cute stories! :)

Cottonista said...

Sherri, I remember the Caedmon incident. I laughed!

And Kaiyah--what a stinker! But how funny for us to read. Thanks for posting.