Friday, March 12, 2010

shooting hoops

Your very first year of being on a basketball team was a fun memory. Playing sports is definitely a love of yours and you seem to have a natural talent. You learned a lot this to guard, how to pass, how to make a better basket...but most of all, how to play with a team and all the lessons that go along with that...sharing the ball, listening to your coach and congratulating others successes.
Your energy amazes me sometimes. You seem to have an extra supply. It was a joy to watch you play...not making many baskets at the beginning of the season, but not giving kept trying. And then toward the end of the season, seeing the look on your face when you made basket after basket...we're so proud of you!

Quote of the day:

Caedmon to Luca: I'll never stop loving you!


Grandma Ruby said...

Caedmon, we are so proud of you, too. Perseverance wins every time, and you've got it! Grandpa & Grandma love you very much!

Angie, Tyson, and Ethan said...

aw cute pics of your handsome little man!!!