Monday, February 1, 2010


CHICAGO My birthday always falls over our annual Northwestern Chicago trip which isn't a bad deal at all! I quite enjoy the trip each year. Kevin is in meetings during the days and the evenings are filled with fancy dinners and socializing. This year, Luca came along. What fun to focus on her and bond a little more. She was a joy. We've taken each of our children as babies and have a picture marking their first trip to Chicago.
Caedmon - January 2004Kaiya - January 2006Luca - January 2010

What do I do during the days while Kevin is in meetings?

Well, things like...sleep, read, watch TV, take lots of time getting ready. :) In the past I've brought scrap booking stuff along and have worked on that. This year, I left all that at home and practiced taking pictures with the new camera we recently purchased as a combined Christmas gift. Well, I discovered I have a lot to learn, but I'm excited and eager to learn what this camera can do. Luca and I had fun! :)I always love it when my friend, Jenny is there too. Her youngest, Luke, is a little over a month older than Luca. :)On the way home from Chicago on Saturday, I talked Kevin into stopping by the outlets in Michigan City for a little birthday shopping and found some great deals. :)
Sunday, my actual birthday, was baby dedication day at our church. I was thrilled when I found out they were doing one on my birthday...a perfect way to celebrate how God has blessed me this past year! Most of our family made it to the service and joined us for lunch at Cracker Barrel afterward.
We got home from lunch and started getting ready to watch the Colts that evening. Kevin said he needed to run to the gas station for something which I thought was a little strange, but didn't think too much about it. When he returned, he had a babysitter for the kids and said we were going out. We ended up a my favorite dessert place...De brands. Some friends were waiting there for us as a surprise. I thought it was sweet of him to surprise me like that, but that wasn't the end of it. Since "words of affirmation" is my love language, he had several friends and family write encouraging letters to me that he read out loud. That's when I went into the ugly cry. :)
So very very thoughtful of my sweet husband to do this for me, but that wasn't it. He also arranged date nights for each month of this year and had friends and family volunteer to babysit for us. I was blown away and felt so loved. Thanks to all of you who either wrote wonderful words of encouragement to me or volunteered to babysit. It meant more than you will ever know! I love you all and I am very blessed to have you in my life!!
A memorable 35th indeed!


heather said...

Oh Sherri....I love that last picture because I could see your expression of what I missed by not being able to be there. What a neat party he did. We are looking forward to having your kids this summer. :)

Love that new blog header!! Now where did that dress come from again?

Awww...loved the pictures of each of the kids in Chicago. :)

About time you blog again!!!!

Jessi said...

awww...what a sweet post...looks like you had a wonderful birthday..and a great weekend Chicago!! I also like the new blog look great as always.

Grandma Ruby said...

Glad you could be so blessed, Sherri. You pour so much into the lives of everyone else. Tears are good for all of us--a necessary part of a woman's life! You are loved!

Jenn said...

Just looking at that picture of you crying made me cry.

So glad you had a wonderful birthday! You are blessed and are a blessing to others. Love you!