Thursday, April 16, 2009

He is Risen!

I have such wonderful memories of Easter Sundays growing up. Mom would take us shopping for a new Spring dress to wear for the first time that morning. We would go to church before the sun was up and have a sunrise service outside while we shivered in our lacy bobby socks. I didn't was so exciting to me as a little girl because I knew that this day was set apart from other was a day to celebrate. I'm so thankful that such a big deal was made on that day when I was younger and I want to pass that on to my kids too.I've been talking with them about the amazing Easter story of Jesus' death and resurrection a couple weeks leading up to the big day. We got several Easter books from the library and read them over and over. I loved hearing them ask their little questions about death and heaven. What an amazing privilege to watch them learn!

We had a great service at church that morning with a choir, drama & wonderful worship...and the Lord blessed us with a beautiful day too! The three days that followed were rain, rain, rain.
After church, we drove to Middlebury and celebrated with Kevin's family. Grandpa and Grandma G. and Grandma B. joined us.

Eager and ready to hunt for eggs.This one was a little out of reach...

...but not near as out of reach as some others. Uncle Curt had to use the fork lift for the rest.

Grandpa had fun hiding the eggs this year. Here's Kaiya getting an Easter basket full of eggs from way up high in this tree.Caedmon pulling a basket full of eggs from a tree branch with mommy hanging on tight. It will be pretty hard to top this Easter egg hunt. Wonder what Grandpa is gonna do next year.??

Kaiya and Grandma having fun on the swing


Krista said...

Absolutely LOVE! the Easter outfits! So adorable! So glad you are making special memories with your kids as well. I know they will have special memories.

heather said...

That dress is sooooo cute. I love Caedmons matching outfit. Looks like Children's Place. I love their stuff! Great memories Sherri you are creating for your family.

Nicole said...

Once again some adorable pictures of some sweet kiddos! What a gift they are! And what a fun easter egg hunt! That looks like so much fun!

Anonymous said...

that is a PRECIOUS pic of Kaiya with Grandma. Wow. Frameable for sure! Rockin easter egg hunt =) That'll be hard to top!

Kurtis & Aimee said...

Hey Sherri, how do you make those lovely photos that are black and white and also some color? I would LOVE to know how! :)