Friday, December 5, 2008

Love Notes

Keivn had an overnight last night at Pokagon for meetings today. I woke up yesterday not feeling the greatest and not looking forward to the day ahead knowing that he wouldn't be home that night.
We said our goodbyes to Daddy and then the kids and I left to take Caedmon to school. From there, Kaiya and I went straight to a dentist appointment for me.

When we got home mid morning, we noticed several sticky notes posted all over the house (written on free paper I received in the mail from Always LOL!!). on the refrigerator

on the phone


...and even one for each of the kids in their rooms

bathroom mirror

There were a few more scattered around too...

After baths were done, teeth brushed, devotions and prayers said, I tucked in two little kiddos tight in their beds. I crawled under a blanket in the living room exhausted form the day and began watching a movie. Caedmon came wondering out of his room and asked if he could sleep with me in my bed. "Sure" I said. "Go jump in and I'll be there is a little while." So Caedmon took daddy's side of the bed right under another little post-it note. I think Kevin put this note on his side of the bed so I wouldn't feel lonely in bed without him. :)

Kevin has always been great at writing love notes to me. I even still have love notes saved from our dating years. It's times like this...when he's gone, that I really appreciate what he means to me and all that he does for us!

Here's a homemade card he made for our 7 month dating anniversary. :)

I have a collection of more recent love notes pasted on the inside of one of our cabinet doors. He's a great encourager through these little notes and of course always throws in his funny sense of humor.
I call it my wall of fame. :)

Love you and miss you, Babe!! Can't wait to see you tonight!


Jessi said...

Sherri, What a sweet post. I feel the same way when Jeremy leaves for a few days. It makes me appreciate him so much more and always nice to have him home again. I like your "wall of fame." (smile)

Cottonista said...

I am so impressed, Kevin!

That reminds me of an annual women's slumber party I go to. Two years ago it got so big that instead of holding it in her home, the coordinator had it at the We Care prison ministry building, where a few people from our church work. One guy who worked there left little post-it notes all over the place bragging on his wife. It was obvious to all the women there that he thought very highly of her. I'm pretty sure she grabbed them all down later and took them home with her!

heather said...

Sherri, you poor thing. We must have picked up the same bug at the Thanksgiving/Christmas. I started coming down with something on Friday also. UCK!

So very true when your hubby leaves if only for a night, it sure makes you appreciate all they do when they get back.

I do the same thing with the insides of my cupboards. :)