Monday, January 7, 2008

Tailgate Party

On Saturday evening we celebrated Caedmon's 4th birthday. With twenty-four guests in attendance, we had a full house. Caedmon was anxiously awaiting the party all week...month long and kept asking "Is today my party?" He was in "football heaven" and was so excited to be surrounded by all the people he loves.

Here is the invitation:I stayed up late on Friday night decorating and had his cake finished before he woke up on Saturday. I loved the look on his face when he woke up and realized that today was finally the day. This age has been a lot of fun. The innocent magical wonder and excitement expressed during Christmas & birthdays is so neat to watch...and Mom & Dad are still the coolest people on earth...for now anyway.

The cake was exciting to make...even daddy got into it and helped me with all the appropriate football field details.
Our family calendar for the month of September had a picture of a football cookie that Caedmon spotted. He showed it to his Grandma Clara to see if she could make some for his birthday party.
Little quarterback Karis
Are you really four already? Time is sure flying by my son!Happy Birthday!

Today it was so fun to watch the sheer joy on your face as you ran & played outside in the 65 degree weather we were experiencing in January. Wow, what a gift--thanks God! It felt like the first day of Spring! You were covered with mud, but it was worth the belly laughs that echoed across the yard. I love you!


heather said...

TALENT! I tell you Talent! You should be a party cordinator! Cute football cookies, cake, invitations. All of it is so cute. Thanks for posting it all. What a sweet guy that big 4 year old is. Happy belated Birthday Caedmon.

Cottonista said...

Great party, Sherri! Wish we could've been there. Happy Birthday, Caedmon!